Kalix allows you to create your own doc templates including (but not limited to) chart notes, intake forms, health questionnaires, food records and diaries, menu plans, client summaries and doctors letters. You also have the option of adding templates from Kalix's template library and customizing them to meet your specific needs. 

Whether you are customizing a template from Kalix's template library or creating one of your own, adding additional terms is probably something you will need to do. The below video will go over this process step by step.

For information about Kalix's template library as well as basic template customization please see the video and support document titled Kalix's Template Library & Template Customization.

Adding Terms

There are two core templates in Kalix you can add terms to 

  1. ADIME Templates 
  2. Custom Templates

Please click on the links to find out more information about these two types of templates. 

Terms are the elements that make templates and documents in Kalix. There are five different term types in Kalix. 

  • NCPT terms (Nutrition Care Process Terminology)
  • Custom terms
  • Free text fields
  • Signature panel (not included in the above video).
  • Upload (not included in the video).

Adding Terms to Custom Templates and Documents

Terms are added to the bottom of custom templates and documents.

Adding Terms to NCPT Templates (ADIME Templates) and Documents

Terms are added to the end of each section of each section of ADIME templates.

Term Types

To add a term, click on the button Add Term button, then choose your term type. 

NCPT Terms - Dietitians Only

NCP terms contain the standardized language for the Nutrition Care Process. Kalix contains all of the 1000 Nutrition Care Process Terminology or IDNT which you can add to documents and templates. Think of Kalix's NCPT terms as a database of fields that dietitians can add to documents and templates.

NCPT terms are divided up into 4 categories based on each stage for the Nutrition Care Process. In ADIME templates, NCPT terms are added to the particular section or stage they belong to i.e. NCPT Nutrition Assessment terms can be added to the Assessment section of templates, Nutrition Diagnosis terms to the Diagnosis section and so on.

Please note: for the Nutrition Prescription section of ADIME template, only custom terms and blank terms are supported here. There are not standardized NCPT Nutrition Prescription terms.

Also note, custom templates support the addition of NCPT or Nutrition Care Process Terminology from the Assessment stage of the Nutrition Care Process only.

Free Text Fields

Free text fields can be used as a space to add free text to documents, alternatively, they are also editable. Use blank text fields to add headings and subheading to templates or client instructions to client access forms. Click here for more information about free text fields.

The text added to free text fields can by formatted in a number of ways including:

  • Add bold, italics, strikethrough and underlining
  • Insert Hyperlinks to add links to website pages
  • Create lists using bullets and numbering
  • Draw tables
  • Edit paragraphs to make them left, right and center aligned
  • Cut and paste to add small images

Custom Terms

Custom terms are fields you can create yourself and they are also include non NCPT terms that form part of templates in Kalix's template library.

For more information about custom terms please see the support document creating custom terms.

Signature Panel

The signature panel supports electronic signing (by you or your clients), this term can be added to documents and templates. Electronic signatures are supported on computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

For further information please click here.


Upload allows you to upload files and images to docs and templates. Uploaded files can be shared with other clinicians or clients (and other third parties) via online forms. Your clients can also use the Upload term to share with you photos and completed documents. 

Moving Terms into Place

Once you have added your desired term to your template, it is time to move it into place. Select the term you wish to move by clicking on it, then click on the four sided arrow as shown below.

 Find the location you wish to add a term to, and then click on Move Here to move it into place. Save your template. 

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