Document Auto-Text Fields

Auto-Text fields can be added to Doc Layout, Custom Elements, Text Blocks, Basic Templates & Docs & Email Templates for Online Forms.

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Kalix allows you to add Auto-Text fields to autofill information from your appointments, clients' details page, referrals, and contacts details.

Auto-text fields can be added to many places in Kalix, including:

  • The header and footer of your Document Layout e.g., to format the way your client information bar looks

  • Custom elements (Document Templates)

  • Free text fields (Document Templates)

  • The Email template for online documents

  • Message Templates (Messaging Settings)

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Adding Auto-text Fields

To add auto-text fields to your Doc Layout, Custom Element, Text Block, or email template, follow the steps below:

Adding Auto-Text fields to your messaging templates

  1. Go to the Messaging Tab and click on settings.

  2. Scroll down to Automated Messages and click on edit message template.

  3. Place your cursor on the area where you wish to add the Auto-Text Field.

  4. Click on Auto Text on the right top corner.

  5. Choose the field from the list.

  6. When you are happy with your changes, click save.

Refer to the video below to follow the steps.

Adding Auto-text fields to a blank element or free text element

  1. Go to the Documents tab and select document templates.

  2. Choose the template you wish to edit.

  3. On the elements column on the left, click the Text Block element and drag it to where you wish to place it.

  4. Type any wording needed and then click on Auto Text and choose the fields from the drop-down menu. Place your cursor where you want the Auto Text added and add spaces between fields as needed.

  5. When you are happy with the changes, click Save at the bottom of the page.

Refer to the video below for the steps.


Supported Auto-Text Fields

Below is a list of supported Auto-Text fields and how they must appear in documents and templates:


Appointment Related

Using the auto-text fields, Kalix will input the appointment information about the linked appointment in the confirmation or the appointment reminders as shown below.

This is what the email will look like to a client. The arrows show areas filled by the auto-text fields that you added to this particular reminder.

The image below shows the auto-text fields used to create the appointment reminders. They appear in circles and Kalix fills that information for you.

Client Related

Using the auto-text fields below, Kalix will input client-specific information. Note: The client must be linked to the document for the merge fields to work.

This example shows a new SOAP note/document filled out by Kalix using the auto-text fields.

The image below shows the auto-text fields used to input the information about the client on the new SOAP note as shows in the image above.

Clinician Related

The clinician conducting the linked appointment. It may not be the document's author.

Contact Related (Referring Physician)

Using the below auto-text fields, Kalix will input the following information about the referral source (contact) for the appointment's referral. For this merge field to work, the referral source must be linked to the client's referral.

The related document must then be linked to the referral either directly.

Or indirectly - the referral is linked to the appointment,

Document Related

Using the Auto Text Field, Kalix will input the following information about the created document.

Kalix will input information specific to the user creating the document using the below Auto Text Field.

Next Appointment 

Kalix can input the information of the upcoming appointment in the documents or in the reminders and appointment messages.

This is how it shows when you create the document that has the Next Appointment Auto Text Field.

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