Text Blocks

Use to add text descriptions, auto text, section headings and images.

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Free text fields are a type term that can be added to Kalix's documents and templates. For information about adding terms to templates and documents, please click here.

Free text fields can be used a free text editor to documents. Alternatively, they are also editable. Use blank text fields to add headings, merge fields and client instructions to documents and forms.
The text added to free text fields can by formatted in some ways including:

  • Add Merge fields   to autofill information from your appointments, clients' details page, referrals and contacts details

  • Add bold, italics, strikethrough and underlining

  • Insert Hyperlinks to add links to website pages

  • Create lists using bullets and numbering

  • Draw tables

  • Edit paragraphs to make them left, right and center aligned

  • Add images e.g. your practice logo


Locking-Free Text Fields

If you are using a free text field to create a heading or add instructions, you may wish to make it uneditable (on its associated documents or client forms). To do this enable the Advanced Option - Term cannot be edited on the Doc Template, click here for details.

  1. Enable advanced options

  2. On each term you wish to "lock" select - Term cannot be edited (as shown above)

  3. Save the template.

Now, this field cannot be edited on any documents or client access forms created using the template.

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