Adding Elements to Documents & Templates

How to add elements to Documents and Doc Templates.

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Kalix allows you to create your own doc templates, including (but not limited to) chart notes, intake forms, health questionnaires, food records and diaries, menu plans, client summaries, and doctors' letters. You can also add templates from Kalix's template library and customize them to meet your specific needs. 

Whether you are customizing a template from Kalix's template library or creating one of your own, adding additional elements is probably something you will need to do.

The below video will go over this process step by step.

For information about Kalix's template library and basic template customization, please see the video and support document titled Kalix's Template Library & Template Customization.

Adding Elements

Elements are the sections that make templates and documents in Kalix. There are several different term types in Kalix. Click on the links below for additional information about each element type.

To add an element, please follow the instructions below:

1) Under the Add New Elements column, select the element type you wish to add.
​2) Drag the element into its desired location (as shown below).
3) If adding a Client Detail, Auto Calculation, or Grow Chart element, use the drop-down box to select the option you wish to use.

4) In the case of the custom element, to find an element use the search bar to search by name.

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