By using the Client Details element, information entered into online forms and documents will automatically flow over to the clients' details page of their file.

Supported information

  • Address

  • Date of birth

  • Email address

  • Gender Identity

  • Insurance details (primary & secondary)

  • Preferred contact method

  • Name

  • Phone numbers

  • Preferred Name

  • Profile photo

  • Sex

  • Timezone

Adding Client Details Elements

1) Open the template you wish to edit.
2) On the Add New Elements panel, click to select Client Details.
​3) Drag the element into its desired location (as shown below).
4) Select the element you wish to add from the drop-down (see above for a list of supported details)

How it Works

When a client accesses a shared document or form containing client details elements, they are able to see any information that has already been entered into these fields against their Kalix record. After every field is completed, the information will automatically update to their profile.

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