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An Overview of the Client Details (Demographic) Page

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This article will help you get familiar with the Client's Details Page.

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Editing the Client's Details Page

Search for and select the client you wish to edit. This can be done via the search bar on the far left of the screen (click on the orange search icon to view).

Navigate to their Details page by clicking on Details on the top header.

Client Details Page

The client details page is made up of seven different sections:

  1. General Details

  2. Important Notes

  3. Insurance (USA only)

  4. Identity Verification

  5. Addresses

  6. Credit Cards

  7. Additional Notes


General Details

The General Details section is shown below, to edit click on the pencil icon. 

1) Name

Input the client’s name first and middle name into the Given name field. Enter their surname into the Last name field.

The client’s title (Mr, Mrs, etc. dropdown) is not required. If you wish to assign a title, click on this field in the drop-down box. Select your option by clicking.

2) ID

This is an optional field that you can use for internal identification purposes. An identification number can be manually entered. Kalix does not auto-create the ID number for you.

3) Gender

Click in the gender field to open up the drop-down box and then select the option male or female.

4) Date of Birth (DOB)

Click on the DOB field and type the date of birth using the format MM/DD/YYYY.

Alternatively, select the applicable date on the calendar by clicking to select. Move backward or forward between months using the arrows on the top bar of the calendar. Now, just modify the client’s year of birth by typing in the date field.

5) Time Zone
The time zone that the client is located in. As part of appointment messages (appointment notices and appointment reminders), Kalix will display the appointment time in the client's own time zone.

6) Messaging Method

A client's messaging method is the communication type Kalix will use to send automated messages (appointment notices, appointment reminders, bill reminders and late payment notices).

After creating a new client, Kalix will automatically assign them with your default messaging method. You chose this default method when you set up messaging in your Kalix account. 

You can manually modify a client's messaging method at any time. 

Important Note: Messaging needs to be enabled in your Kalix account first, before you can assign a client a messaging method.


7) Email

The client's email address. This is used for email messages.

8) Phone Numbers

Kalix allows you to save unlimited contact phone numbers on the client's details page. Phone numbers are to be used for messaging i.e., SMS (text messages), text-to-voice messages, and faxes. 

Add Number
To save additional phone numbers, click on the Add Number button. 

Use the type field to specify the type of phone number e.g., cell phone, home, work, fax, after hours, or other.

  • If using SMS (text message) messaging, the telephone number Type field must be set to Cell Phone (or Mobile).

  • If using faxing, the telephone number Type must be set to Fax.

Note: If you save multiple numbers for a particular client, Kalix will send SMS (text messages) and text-to-voice messages to the client's cell phone first. If there is no cell phone number, Kalix will use the first listed number.

Important Notes

The client details page has two different note sections - Important Notes and Additional Notes. Important notes are displayed both on the client's details page and on their cover page.


Insurance (USA Only)

Add Insurance 

To add client insurance details, click on the Add Insurance button. The insurance fields will appear.

Save as many insurance policies against the client as you wish. Simply click Add Insurance again to create additional insurance.

Edit Insurance

To edit insurance details, click on the pencil icon at the bottom right of the insurance box. 

To delete, click on the trash can on the bottom left of the box. 

1) Insurer Address (Optional)

Do not complete this field unless you are submitting paper insurance claims. 

To add the insurance address, click on add insurer address button. 

Complete the address in the pop-up window and click Update.

2) Insurer Name (Required)

Search for the name of the insurance company via keywords (enter the insurance name) or via the payer ID. Click to select your chosen option.

3) Payer ID (Required)

This is the unique electronic payer identification number used by Office Ally to identify a specific insurance company. Kalix will automatically complete this field after the correct insurance company is selected via the insurer name field.

4) Clearinghouse (Required)

Out of the clearinghouses you have enabled, you are able to assign which one you will be using to submit the client's insurance claims.

5) Insurer Phone Number (Optional)

The insurance's phone number. This is not required. The phone number is for your reference only.

6) ID Number (Required)

The insured's insurance identification number is shown on insured’s ID card. Enter HICN for Medicare, Employee ID for workers' compensation claims, and the Federal Tax ID or SSN for other property or casualty claims.

7) Policy or Group Number

Enter the insured's policy or group number (the identifier for the health, auto, or other insurance plan coverage) or FECA number (identifier assigned to clients claiming work-related condition/s under the Federal Employees Compensation Act 5 USC 8101).

8) Type (Required)

The health insurance coverage type for the client's insurance. This information directs the claim to the correct program. 

Important: if insurance is Medicare or Medicaid, you must select the related option.

Select Other for HMOs, commercial insurance, automobile accident, liability, or workers' compensation.

9) Relationship (Required)

This field indicates how the client is related to the insured. Click on this field to select your choice.

  • Self: the insured is the client

  • Spouse: husband, wife or qualified partner

  • Child: the client is a minor dependent, as defined by the insured’s plan

  • Other: the client's relationship to the insured is something other than self, spouse, or child e.g. an employee, ward, or dependent

10) Insured's Details (Required)

Insured's details section will only appear if you select an option other than Self in the Relationship field.

Name: enter the insured’s name first and middle name into the Given name field. Enter their surname into the Last name field.

Insured's DOB: click on the date field, and the calendar will appear, type the date of birth into this field using the format MM/DD/YYYY.

Gender: click in the gender field to open up the drop-down box and then select the option male or female.

Insured’s Telephone: is not required. Phone can be entered here for your own information.

Insured's Address: as a default, Kalix will use the client's billing address (see below for details) as the insured's address.

If the insured's address is different from the client's address, unselect the Use Client's Billing Address. The below fields will appear. Enter the insured's address. 

11) Co-pay

 This is the fixed out-of-pocket amount paid by an insured for your services.


The client's address is for contact and billing purposes. Kalix allows for the entry of three different addresses:

  1. Mailing Address: this is the client's primary address.

  2. Billing Address: the client's address is used for billing purposes.

  3. Residential Address: the client's physical location. It is the address used for home visits. 

Click on the pencil icon to edit or enter an address. 

Mailing Address

This is the client's primary address. 

  • Please fill out the following information for the client's address:

  • Street: Enter the street number, name, and type in the first line. If there is an apartment or suite number, enter it in the second line. Any additional address details can be entered in the third line.

  • City: Enter the city, suburb, or area name in the designated field.

  • State: Enter the state using the 2-letter state code. Once you have auto-completed the city field, Kalix should automatically complete this for you.

  • -Zip: Enter the client's 9-digit ZIP code, as it is required for insurance billing purposes. Once you have auto-completed the city field, Kalix should automatically complete this for you.r you.  

Billing and Residential Address

Kalix automatically assumes the client's billing and residential address is the same as their mailing address. If this is true do not edit these boxes.

 If the client has multiple addresses, click on the applicable edit icon and the address field will appear, fill out as above. 


Credit Cards

Save clients' credit card details to file for future transactions. 

Note: If using this feature, please make sure your clients authorize the saving and use of their credit card for future transactions.
To save a new credit card, click on the Add button.     

Enter their credit card details and click Save Card. 


Additional Notes

The second notes field. Additional notes will only appear on the Details page. 

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