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Entering Your Practice's Details (Account Settings)
Entering Your Practice's Details (Account Settings)

Setting up the Account Settings Page

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An essential task when setting up your Kalix account is to enter your practice details under Account Settings (Directors and Administrative users only). Kalix will automatically use these details when creating bills, documents, and messages.    

Account Settings is located under your practice name on the top menu bar.



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General Details

The first section of the page is the general section. It contains information, including practice or organization name, country, time zone, currency, and profession. These details were set up when you first created your trial account. 

Click on the expand icon at the end or any row to edit.


Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication is a security setting for your account. It utilizes secondary devices to verify everyone's identity each time they log into Kalix. In doing so, preventing anyone, other than you and your invited users, from accessing your account, when a third party knows someone's username and password. 

From Account Settings, you can require all users to set up and use two-factor authentication each time they log into Kalix. To do this, turn on the switch. 


Legal (US Only)

For US customers, Account Settings contain a Legal section. Here is where you can view and sign your Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Kalix.



Kalix allows you to enter as many practice locations as needed. To create a new location, click on the Add Location button.

Locations can be:

  • Physical

  • Virtual

  • Home or workplace visits

Kalix uses your location details for appointment scheduling purposes, automated appointment messages, and as the service facility in billing (CMS 1500 field 32). An unlimited number of locations are supported.

Each location allows you to enter the following information:


The name of the location - it could be the building or office name e.g., Patrick Street Clinic, your practice name, or location type e.g., Virtual Appointment. 

If creating multiple locations, each name should be unique for identification purposes. 

Kalix uses location names for appointment scheduling, automated appointment messages, and for insurance billing purposes (CMS 1500 field 32).

Location NPI (Optional)

Only required if the location has a different National Provider Identifier (NPI) number compared to the Billing Provider NPI (your group NPI or your individual NPI if you are a sole proprietorship).


Other ID (Optional) 

If you have a non-NPI ID number for the particular location, enter it in the Other ID field. Other ID is used for insurance billing purposes (CMS 1500 field 32B). This number is assigned by the payer (insurance company) as a unique identifier for the service facility location.

If you are required to enter an Other ID number, please also select a qualifier for this number to identify the type of Non-NPI number used (CMS 1500 field 32B).


Location Type

As mentioned above, Kalix supports three different location types. Use the Location Type field to select what kind of location you are setting up. 

Your selection configures the way location details are displayed for appointment scheduling and in automated appointment messages.

The allowed options are shown below:

  • Physical Address (for office locations): After selection of this location type, Kalix allows the entry of a physical address.

  • Virtual Location: For non-physical locations e.g., virtual meetings, telephone appointments.

Once you have selected this option, Kalix will allow you to enter a virtual location description (instead of a physical address). Use this field to describe how or where appointments will take place e.g., via Kalix's telehealth feature.

  • Home/Workplace Visit: Kalix will use the associated client's residential address (as saved against the client's details page) as the location address.


Billing Location

Select the address you would like to use for billing purposes i.e., the Service Facility/Place of Service (CMS 1500 field 32), choose between your entered location address or the client's address.

  • Location Address: Kalix will use the same address as per the location address field.

 Note: if you are setting up a virtual location for insurance billing purposes (CMS 1500), the Location Address should be selected as the Billing Location. A physical address must also be entered into the address field (as shown below) to receive reimbursement for virtual appointments. 


  • Client Address: Kalix will use the associated client's residential address (as saved against the client's Details page) as the location's billing address. 

Location Display Photo

If you would like to upload an image to your location and to use it as part of the online scheduler, click on the pencil icon on the top right as shown below. Select the image you would like to upload.  

Crop your image using the cropping tool. Select and drag the cropping tool to adjust your selection, so it captures the portion of the image you wish to keep.

Mailing & Billing Details

Under the last section of the Account Setting page, enter the details you will use for billing and contact purposes. Kalix inputs this information as the billing provider info for insurance billing (CMS 1500 field 33) and as your mailing address in superbills and invoices. If you use multiple NPIs or Tax IDs, enter each as a new mailing and billing address.

Click on the Add Mailing and Billing Address to set up your details.



Each location allows you to enter the following information:

Billing Provider Name

Enter your practice's legal name (or your name if you have a sole proprietorship). This is used for insurance billing purposes (CMS 1500, field 33).



Your billing provider phone number for insurance billing purposes (CMS 1500 field 33) or your practice's contact phone number.


Billing Provider NPI

Enter the HIPAA National Provider Identifier (NPI) number of the billing provider (CMS 1500 field 33A). This is the group (or Type 2) NPI number for your practice, or your individual (or Type 1) NPI if you are a sole proprietorship.


Tax ID & Type

Enter the federal tax ID number you use for billing purposes (CMS 1500 field 25). It could be your businesses' employer identification number (EIN) assigned by the IRS or your social security number (SSN). The tax ID type must also be selected in the neighboring field (SSN or EIN).


Other ID & Qualifier (Optional)

This is the non-NPI ID number of the billing provider, used for insurance billing purposes (CMS 1500 field 33B)

This number is assigned by a specific payer (insurance company) or by a third party as a unique identifier for you as a provider or for your professional type e.g., Registered Dietitian. 

The insurance companies you are billing will most likely let you know whether an Other ID number is required. Common options include:

  • State License Number - your license number, (requirement depends on the state you practice) assigned by your state.

  • Provider Commercial Number - a number assigned by a third-party payer (insurance company).

  • Provider Taxonomy - codes for identifying the provider type and area of specialization for health care professionals e.g., Registered Dietitian =  133V00000X. Click here for a full list

Other ID Qualifier: to denote which ID type you have entered, select the applicable option in the Other ID Qualifier field.

If you are required to enter an ID number for billing purposes, the Other ID Qualifier must also be selected.


Your address for billing or contact purposes - needed for insurance billing purposes (CMS1500, field 33).

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