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Bill Templates

How to create your own customized bill templates.

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Kalix allows you to create your own bill templates (account Directors only). By designing your own bill templates, you are able to decide what information is included on bills, superbills, and receipts.

Note: if you are using your bill template to create CMS 1500 forms (for insurance billing), the bill template formats the information to be included on the client receipt only, not the CMS 1500 form.

To create a new bill template, click on Billing on the top header followed by New then Template, or click here.

Contents of this article:

Bill Template Fields

Below is a description of the fields and options available on the Bill Template:

Template Name

Give your template a name for easy identification.


Payment Term 

This is the number of days after the bill was created that the bill payment is due. Leave this field blank if you do not have a due date.


Send Reminders  

Select this if you would like Kalix to send out automated payment reminders to request payment of outstanding bills. Note: Payment reminders must also be set up in your Kalix account Learn more.


Support CMS 1500 Forms (USA Only)

Select this tickbox if you would like this bill template to support the creation of CMS 1500 forms (insurance billing). 

Note: if you tick this box, the bill template formats the information to be included on the client receipt only, not the CMS 1500 form.  


Payment Methods

These are the options available to be selected as payment methods. To remove an option, click on the cross icon. 

To add an additional option, select the free text field as shown below. Type a description for the payment and click enter.

​Logo Image 

If you would like your practice's or company's logo to appear on the top of your bills/receipts, upload it here. The image must be in picture format (.png, .jpg, .bmp, etc).

To upload, drag, and drop an image file onto where it says No Logo. Alternatively, click on this rectangle, and the Open file window will appear, select your picture and click Open. Your logo will appear just below the image field.


Client Details

Details related to the client you are billing for.

Client ID

Select to include your own assigned unique Client ID. This corresponds to the Client ID field on the Client Details page.

Date of Birth

The client's date of birth. ​Pulled from the client's details page.

Billing Address

The client's address saved to their details page.

Medicare Number (Australia Only)

The client's Medicare Number. Pulled from the client's details page.


Concession Card Number (Australia Only) 

Any concession card number and concession type (from the client's details page).


Next Appointments

Choose this to include your client's next appointments.


Tick to include a consent panel for clients to authorize the use of PHI to make insurance claims. This is useful when using Kalix for insurance billing (CMS 1500 forms). 


This is the clinician who conducted the appointment being billed for. If you choose to include these details, Kalix will obtain them from the clinician's My Details page (as shown below).


The name of the clinician that provided the billed appointment.

Individual NPI (USA & Canada Only) / Provider Number (Australia)

The National Provider Identifier (NPI) for the individual provider of the service. The practice's NPI number is found under the Practice Details section.

Individual Tax ID

The federal tax identification number for the individual provider of the billed service. The practice's tax ID number is found under the Practice Details section.

Individual Other ID (US Only)

Any non-NPI ID numbers you use as an individual provider e.g. State License Number or Taxonomy Number.


The credentials (or qualifications) of the clinician that provided the billed service. These details are pulled from the qualifications field on the individual clinician's My Details page.

Contact Phone Numbers

The contact phone number saved on the My Details page of the clinician that provided the billed service.

Contact Email Address

The contact email address saved on the My Details page of the clinician the provided the billed service.

Practice Details

Kalix obtains this information from the General page of the Account Settings page.

Practice Name

Your practice's Public Name (not legal name). It is pulled from the General section of the Account Setting page (as shown below).

Billing Provider NPI (USA & Canada Only)

The NPI number associated with your account's mailing and billing details.

Practice Tax ID (USA & Canada Only)

The federal tax ID number entered against your account's mailing and billing details. This is your practice's EIN or your own social security number, depending on your business structure.

Practice Other ID  (USA Only)

This is the non-NPI ID number for your practice. It is obtained from the account's mailing and billing details e.g. State License Number, Provider Commercial Number, or Taxonomy Number.

Australian Business Number (Australia Only)

Australian Business Number or ABN is a unique ID number used for tax purposes.    

Australian Company Number (Australia Only)

 Australian Company Number or ACN is a unique ID number purely for companies.

Appointment Location Address

Select this to include the location that the billed services were conducted. Kalix will obtain these details Account Settings page, Location section.

Mailing and Billing Address

This option will add your practice's mailing address (or billing provider address). Kalix obtains these details from the Account Settings page, Mail, and Billing Address Details section.

Banking Details (Non-USA Countries)

Select to include your practice's banking details on bills. After selecting Banking Details, the banking details fields will appear.


The referral section supports the inclusion of details relating to the bill's linked referral.

ICD 10 Diagnosis Codes (USA Only)

The medical diagnoses or reasons that the client is attending appointments (required for superbills). Uses the standardized medical coding ICD-10. 

If setting up a template to create superbills, ICD 10 Diagnosis Codes are required (USA only).

Referrer Name

The name of the referring provider for the billed appointment. The referrer is linked as a contact to the created bill.

Referrer NPI (USA & Canada Only) / Provider Number (Australia)

The provider number of the referring provider.

Referrer Address

The linked contact's address. This is usually the referring provider's office location (not required).  

Referral Date

This is the date on which the referral was received (not required).

Share Bill Messages

Use this section to set up and preview the messages associated with sent bills. These messages are used when you manually share bills and receipts with clients and contacts via email, SMS, text-to-voice, or fax.

Kalix allows you to set up two different message templates:

  1. Share Bill Messages (for open bills with unpaid amounts)

  2. Share Receipt Messages (for closed bills with payments)

​If a bill is open with an outstanding balance, Kalix will select the Share Bill Message. When a bill has a payment and is closed, Kalix will choose the Share Receipt Message.

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