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First Steps

How to get up and started using Kalix.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A bit stuck? Our Frequently Asked Questions can help.

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Account Settings

How to add new users to your account and create multiple Kalix accounts sharing the same log-in.

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Virtual Appointments (Telehealth)

Kalix's HIPAA compliant virtual appointment (telehealth) solution allows you to easily connect online with individual clients, as well as larger groups.

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Rupa Health Integration

The Kalix-Rupa Health integration allows you to order, track and receive client test results directly from within their profile in Kalix.

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Cronometer Integration

Cronometer Pro is food, exercise, and biometrics tracking software that integrates with Kalix. Track clients' progress directly from your Kalix account.

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Fullscript Integration

Fullscript helps you find and dispense quality supplements, directly to patients or in-office.

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Appointments & Online Scheduling

Appointments, availability, online scheduling and more.

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Documents, Templates & Online Forms

Everything you need to know about charting, doctors letters, online forms and more.

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Clients, Contacts & Referrals

How to set up and edit clients, contacts and referrals.

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Billing/Invoicing & Payments

All about billing, invoicing, superbills, insurance claims and payments.

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RupuGen - Client Satisfaction Surveys & Mass Marketing

Integrates with Kalix for broadcast messaging, client satisfaction surveys, automated post appointment messaging, birthday & holiday e-cards, healthcare website listings management & much more.

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Nutritionix Track Integration

Nutritionix Track is a food, nutrient, exercise, and weight tracking app that integrates with Kalix. Track clients' progress directly from your Kalix account.

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Messaging & Reminders

E-Fax, Appointment reminders, appointment notices, billing reminders and late payment reminders, sending online forms & electronic paperwork, communication with other healthcare providers and ad hoc messaging.

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Further Reading

Other useful information.

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For Clients
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Learn about the array of reports Kalix offers

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