Submitting Insurance Claims
Using Kalix's Office Ally Integration, submit insurance claims with a click of a button.
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Office Ally is a full-service clearinghouse that connects to over 5000 health insurers.

Kalix directly integrates with Office Ally to submit claims with a click of a button. Set up electronic remittance advice to receive back payment information, adjustments, & final claim statuses.

To get set up with Office Ally, please follow the steps outlined in the article accessible using the below button.

Creating Insurance Claims

Kalix allows you to create CMS 1500 forms (the standard insurance claim form) quickly and easily. If you set up your Kalix account and client's details correctly, Kalix should autocomplete insurance bills for you.

Submitting Insurance Claims

Kalix's batching feature allows you to submit multiple CMS 1500 forms at one time.

There is no limit to the number of insurance bills that can be added to a batch. Bills can be for different clients and different insurance companies.

Note: All insurance bills with the status - Ready to Batch (as shown below) selected on the Billing payments screen can be added to the batch. Kalix automatically assigns this status to all new insurance bills yet to be added to a batch.

To create a batch, click Billing -> New -> Batch on the top header. All insurance bills with the status - Ready to Batch will be listed.

Click on the button Create New Batch at the bottom of the page.

For insurance bills to be included in batches, their status needs to be set to "Ready to Batch."

When you click on create a new batch, this alert will appear. If you are sure, click on Create.

Once the batch is created, you will see the list of bills included in the batch.

Click the Send Button

You need an Office Ally account to submit claims using Office Ally. Click here to register for one.

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