Creating Batches (US only)

Kalix creates batch files containing multiple insurance claims which can be submitted together.

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Kalix's batching feature allows you to submit multiple CMS 1500 forms to the clearinghouse Office ally at one time.

There is no limit to the number of insurance bills that can be added to a batch. Bills can be for different clients and different insurance companies. 

An Office Ally Account is required to submit insurance claims via Kalix. Click on the button below for instructions on how to set one up.


Creating a New Batch (Kalix Office Ally Integration)

Kalix directly integrates with Office Ally to submit claims with a click of a button. Set up electronic remittance advice to receive back payment information, adjustments, & final claim statuses.

1. Click Billing -> New -> Batch on the top header to create a batch. All insurance bills with the status - Ready to Batch will be listed.

If you wish to remove any bills from the batch, just click on the cross can, as shown below.

Removed bills will be automatically added to the next batch you create.

2. Select Create New Batch at the bottom of the page.

For insurance bills to be included in batches, their status needs to be set to "Ready to Batch." Kalix automatically assigns this status to all new insurance bills that haven't been added to a batch yet.

3. The below alert will appear when you click on create a new batch. If you are sure, click Create.

4. Once the batch is created, you will see the list of bills included in the batch.

5. Click the Send Button

6. Your claims are now automatically submitted to Office Ally.

Kalix also supports creating separate batches for each clinician. Click on the drop-down menu to select the clinician and show all their bills ready to batch.

Manual Batch Upload to Office Ally

If you choose not to use the Kalix-Office Ally integration, there is the option to manually download the insurance batch file from Kalix to upload to Office Ally.

Creating a Batch

1. To create a batch, click on Billing on the top header, followed by New, and then Batches.

2. Kalix will list all insurance bills with the status Ready to Batch. If you wish to remove any bills from the batch, click on the cross as shown below.

Removed bills will be automatically added to the next batch you create.

3. When you are ready to create a batch, click on the Create a new batch button. The notification message will appear. Click Create. Kalix will begin to build the batch file.

4. When it finishes creating the batch, click on the Download button at the bottom right of the screen. Choose the option Office Ally (837P).

5. The file will appear in your downloads. Click on the file to open it up and save it.

6. Upload this file to Office Ally

7. Open Office Ally in your browser. Click here to open and login. Once logged in, click on Upload Claims and choose Upload Professional (CMS-1500/837P) File option.

8. On the next page, click on the Choose File button.

9. Locate your downloaded Kalix CMS 1500 file and select and click Open.

If you did not save your previously downloaded Batch/CMS 1500 file somewhere specifically on your computer, please check your downloads folder.

10 Your file should now appear in the gray box (shown below). Click the Upload button.

11. The Upload File Status page (below) will appear when Office Ally receives your file. You should also receive an email with this information.

12. Within 24 hours of submitting your CMS 1500 forms to Office Ally, a File Summary email will be sent to you advising that Office Ally has processed and sent them on to the various insurance companies.

This report lists the status of all claims received by Office Ally and acts as your receipt that your claims have been entered into Office Ally's system. It will give you the total number of claims submitted, lists how many of the claims were accepted and/or failed by Office Ally, and lists the File ID# of the batch, which can be used to track your claims.

Errors Notification

When you create a Batch, Kalix will display an error message against each claim if certain information is missing. This error will also appear on the bill when you click New Batch.

This error will also appear on the bill when you click New Batch.

To fix the errors, click on the bill that has the errors listed and make your changes.

Once the errors have been fixed, click on ready to Batch to create the file that will be ready to be downloaded and uploaded into Office Ally.

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