Kalix allows you to create your own bill items to add to client bills (Superbills and CMS 1500 forms). Bill Items can include (but aren't limited to) procedures (using CPT and HCPC codes or your own), your products (e.g. books, supplements), packages and gift certificates.

Bill Items can also be associated with Appointment Types for the quick generation of appointment specific bills.

Creating New Bill Items

  1. Navigate to the Bill Items page (undering Billing tab on the top header). 
  2. Click on the Add Bill Item button.

  3. The Bill item fields will appear (see below for details).
  4. Complete the applicable fields and click Save. 

Bill Item Fields

A description of each field of a Bill Item is displayed below: 


Enter the item's description in the "Description" field. You can search for and add CPT and HCPC codes (using either keywords or their number code), alternatively, enter free text.

Free text bill items can be used to create non-insurance related service items or items for your products (e.g. books, supplements), packages and gift certificates. To enter a free text bill item, type the item description in the description field and then immediately click outside of the description field (this will prevent you from selecting a CPT or HCPC code).


Enter a default number of units for the item. This can be modified on an actual bill if needed.

For CPT and HCPC codes, the duration of a single unit is defined by the code's description. For example, looking at 97802: Medical nutrition therapy; initial assessment and intervention, individual, face-to-face with the patient, each 15 minutes, the duration of a single unit is 15 minutes. If on average, your appointment runs for 60 minutes, then you would enter 4 in the units field i.e. 4 x 15 minutes = 60 minutes. 

Unit Price

Enter the price for each unit. Kalix will automatically calculate the total item cost for you.

For example, looking again at 97802: Medical nutrition therapy; initial assessment... if the appointments lasts 1 hour and you bill $100 in total for the appointment, you would enter $25 in the unit price field ($100 / 4 = $25) i.e. 4 (15 minute units) x $25 = $100. 

Contract Rate (For Insurance Billing Only)

This is the total amount you expect to receive for the billed service i.e. the amount you expect to receive from the insurance company. This is for your reference only. 

Place of Service

These codes are used on insurance claims to specify where services were rendered. Click here to see a full Place of Service code list.
Modifiers are special addition codes for procedures, services, or supplies (CPT or HCPCS) codes (insurance billing only).

For example above the modifier GT - via interactive audio and video telecommunications system, is added to face-to-face service codes e.g. 97802 Medical nutrition therapy; initial assessment... to identify the appointment was conducted via telehealth. 


Click "Create Item" to save and create the bill item. 

Editing and Deleting Bill Items

The saved items are listed in the table. To delete a bill item, click on the trash icon shown below. 

To edit, click on the pencil icon. The bill item fields will re-appear, make your changes and click Update Item.

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