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How to link your Stripe or Square Account to Kalix
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Kalix's payments functionality allows you to link your Stripe or Square account to accept payments online and in-person.

Stripe and Square are very popular mobile payment solutions. To use Kalix's integrated payments feature, you are required to link up your Stripe or Square account. 

If you are not set up with Stripe or Square yet, you also can create a new account from Kalix. Note: you can only connect your Kalix account with one payment system only, not both.

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Payments are available as part of Kalix's Virtual Practice package. Kalix does not add any charges to payments, however, Stripe and Square both have transaction fees. Click on the links below for pricing. 


Getting Started

Navigate to the Integrations section of the Accounts Settings page. Select Connect on your chosen online payment solution.


Connecting to Square

If you do not have a Square account, please follow the steps below. If you are already set-up with Square, please skip down to the Connecting Your Square Account section. 


Creating a New Square Account

Once you have clicked Connect, you will be taken to the Square Sign in page. Select Sign up as shown below.

Set-up your login details and click continue.

Fill out the registration pages with your business details. Choose Health Care and Fitness as your business type.


You will be required to enter your social security number, date of birth, and banking details. After this step is complete, Square will take up to your newly set-up account. Click here for an overview of their dashboard.

Once you have finished setting up your Square account, navigate back to the integrations section of the Accounts Settings page in Kalix. Connect up your newly created Square account as per below.

Connecting Your Square Account

Select Connect as shown below.

You may need to sign into your Square account.

Next, you will be taken to the Permissions page, allow Kalix to access your Square account.


You will return back to your Kalix account. Square is now linked.


Connecting to Stripe

Stripe allows you to either connect your existing Stripe account or set-up a brand new one. Please following the applicable instructions below.

Option 1: Creating and Linking up a New Stripe Account

Once you have clicked Connect, the Stripe account set-up page will appear.

Fill out the registration form with your business details.


Select Authorize access to this account.

Stripe will take a few moments to create your new account. You will be returned back to your Kalix account. Stripe is now linked.


Option 2: Linking an Existing Stripe Account

Click Connect, the Stripe account set-up page will open.

If you already have a Stripe Account, select the Sign in link at the top right of the page (as shown below).

Next, log into your existing Stripe account using your email and password.


Lastly, grant Kalix permission to access your Stripe account.

You will be taken back to your Kalix account. Stripe is now linked.

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