Charging Credit Cards

Charge new or already saved credit cards directly from within your Kalix Account.

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Charge credit cards in Kalix via our integration with Stripe and Square. Stripe and Square are very popular mobile payment solutions. Connect up your existing Stripe or Square account to Kalix for seamless charging. If you are not set up with Stripe or Square, you can also create a new account from Kalix. 

Charge clients' credit cards that are saved to file or collected through shared forms or online scheduling. Alternatively, collect and charge credit cards directly from a created invoice/superbill.

Note: Bills and invoices generated in Kalix can also be shared with clients to pay securely online. For information on this, please click here.     

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When starting off using Kalix, you must set up your Kalix account. To accept payments online, you must set up billing and link your Stripe or Square account to Kalix. Click on the button below for instructions on this.  

Creating Invoices, Superbills, or Receipts

Once your account is set up, create the bill as per usual. For detailed instructions about creating bills, please click below.

Charging Credit Cards

After saving a bill, Kalix will close the bill's Payment page.

From this page, you can either charge their saved credit card or enter and charge a new credit card.

1) Under the Payments section of this Payments page, click on the New button.

2) There will be two options on the drop-down menu.

3) Choose Credit Card Payment

If the client is making a partial payment, enter the charge amount into the amount


4) Click on the Charge Credit Card button.


5) If the client's credit card is already saved to their details page, you can select this card to make the payment.

6) Alternatively, enter the client's credit card details. You can also save this credit card to the client's file for your future use.

Note: If saving to file, please gain the client's explicit understanding and consent.

7) Click Pay Now.

8) Kalix will record the payment and close the bill (if the payment amount equals the billed amount).

9) The payment will also be recorded in your Stripe or Square account.

10) If you want to view this payment in your Stripe or Square account, click on the menu icon associated with the payment (the three horizontal dots), then select View on Stripe/Square).  

Using Square's Credit Card Reader

To use Square's credit card reader with Kalix (supported on Apple and Android devices), to swipe a credit card and collect the payment, please follow the steps below: 

Note: you must have the Square app installed on your device. 

1) On your device, open the bill's payment page in Kalix.

2) Select the Add Payment button, followed by Pay Now.

4) The charge will open up in the Square app. 

5) Swipe the credit card. The app will then return to the completed charge in Kalix. 

Printing & Sharing Receipts 

1) If you want to print or share the receipt with your client, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Share.

2) To print, select the Download button. The receipt will open in a new tab in your browser, print from this window.

3) To securely share the receipt, select Send instead. The Compose Message window will appear. Choose the method you would like to send the message using, as shown below.

4) You can also personalize the message's contents by typing in the text editor.

5) When you are happy, click send.


To process a refund, you must do it via your credit card processor, i.e., Stripe or Square.

Afterward, you can return to Kalix and post it as a Refund with a negative amount under the payment section of the bill.

Once you have completed these steps, you can close the bill to eliminate the outstanding balance.

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