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Kalix's Template Library & Basic Template Customization
Kalix's Template Library & Basic Template Customization

How to add templates to your account and perform basic customization.

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Document templates are pre-built "forms" that serve as a starting point for new client documents. Templates can include chart notes, online forms, electronic agreements, client goal summaries, and doctor's letters.

When you set up your Kalix account, you will select the templates you wish to use. You can access Kalix's Template Library to copy and customize templates to meet your practice's specific needs.

Alternatively, use Kalix's Template Builder to create your own templates from scratch. Kalix also has a preloaded "basic document" under System Templates available in your account.

For a short overview of Kalix's Template feature, please watch the below video:

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​Template Library

The Kalix Template Library contains ready-made templates that you can add to your account and customize to meet your practice's specific needs. The workflow to access the template library is shown below.

The templates in the template library are grouped into different categories. Click on a category to view the individual templates.

Some of the most popular templates are saved under the "Getting Started" category and the numbered categories below.

Copying Templates to Your Account

The Kalix Template Library is a shared place. All Kalix customers have access to it. To customize and use a template, you must first copy it to your account.

Click on the name of a template to view it. Select the Copy to My Account button to save it to your account.

Editing a Document Template

Once you have saved your template to your account, it is available to edit and customize. You do not need to go back to the template library again to access this template; it is available at any time to modify via your account's document template page.

Simple template customization can help make documentation more efficient. This can include removing questions that are not applicable to your practice and changing the order of questions to reflect your appointment procedure.

Note: all templates in the template library are ready to use right away. Customization is optional.

Edit Options

Templates are made up of different parts called elements. Each element can be edited in a number of different ways, and the edit options available will vary per element type.

If you hover over the upper right of an element, you will see the supported edit options.

Deleting Elements

To remove an element, click on the trash can (supported for all element types).

Moving Elements

Kalix allows you to reorder elements within a template (all element types supported).

Step 1: Click on the 'move' icon on the applicable element.

Step 2: Hold on to move the icon, scroll up or down the page to the location to which you wish to move the element.

Step 3: Drop the element onto this location. Done!


When you are happy with your template, click the Save button (fixed to the bottom of your template). There are three different save options.

  • Save: click to save changes. The Template will remain open for ongoing editing.

  • Save and Close: save and close the template. Kalix will close to your doc template page.

  • Duplicate Template: this will only appear if the template has already been saved at least once. Kalix will save your current version as a brand-new template and keep the previously saved version as a separate template.

Using Your Template to Create a New Document

When choosing to create a client document using your created template, click on the purple search icon on the far left. Use the search field to find the client by name. Once the client is selected, click on New Document.

The New Document screen will appear. Choose the type of document you wish to create by selecting your template.

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