Templates vs. Documents

Explains the difference between templates and documents.

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So what is a document, and what is a template?

Templates: in Kalix, templates are pre-formatted "stencils" or "forms," that serve as a starting point for new documents. They are general and cannot be linked to a particular client in Kalix. The idea of templates is to create pre-formatted forms that you use over and over again for different clients.

Documents: in Kalix, a document is linked to a specific client and contains client-specific information.

In Kalix, you create templates (or add them to your account from the template library) to use as the basis for new documents. Click here for further details.

Then you create a document for a particular client using your saved templates.

A way to tell if you have a template or a document is the title. If you see it ends with "(Template)," this is letting you know that you are looking at a 'Template' in Kalix.

A document will just list the form's name. You can associate a client with a document. 

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