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How to create a basic client document.

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Kalix's basic document allows you to create simple non-templated client notes. They are useful if recording a client phone call or other correspondence.

Choose a Template

To create a basic document for a specific client, click on the search icon on the far left. Use the search field to find the client by name. Once the client is selected, click on New Document.

The New Document screen will appear. Under System Templates, choose the basic document.

Document Set-up

After selecting Basic Document, the Link Records window will appear. Associate the applicable records and click Update.

At the top of the screen, you have the option of naming your document by entering a description in the Name field.

Assign the document into a category for easier locating in the future.

Under the Client section, you will see and edit the records the document is linked to (client, appointment, referral, contact). Click on the edit icon to modify this link up at any time.

Complete your document by simply typing in the text block. There are also a variety of format options to use.

Exporting to Word or PDF to Print

If you decide to export to Word or PDF, Kalix uses your saved layout as the foundation for your document's style. To learn how to modify your document layout click here

Share is fixed to the bottom of your screen. Click on the share button, then choose the program you wish to export to. 

  • If exporting to PDF, the PDF file will open up in a new tab in your browser. 

  • If exporting to Word, the file will be downloaded. Open to view.

Save and Close

To save the document, click on the Save button (fixed to the bottom of your document). There will be three different save options.

  • Save: click to save changes. The document will remain open for ongoing information entry. 

  • Save and Close: save and close the document. Kalix will close to the client's file.

  • Duplicate: this will only appear if a document has already been saved at least once. Kalix will save your document as a brand new document and keep the previously saved version as a separate document. 

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