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Sending Online Forms, Electronic Paperwork & Documents to Clients & Contacts
Sending Online Forms, Electronic Paperwork & Documents to Clients & Contacts

How to securely share online documents with clients and contacts via Kalix's documents and messaging feature.

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Kalix allows you to securely share with clients or contacts online forms, electronic agreements, letters, client summary and other documents via Kalix's documents feature. This article will describe the process for sending (or sharing) documents with clients and contacts.

How it Works

The recipient accesses the shared document via a secure web link and code. Kalix can be sent these with just a couple of clicks (see below for workflow) via fax, email, SMS (text message) or text-to-voice.

Note: Kalix does not actually send documents via email, text-to-voice or SMS. Only the web link, and code is sent. Shared documents are viewed and completed within Kalix, in an encrypted HIPAA compliant environment. Please click here to find out more about HIPAA compliance.

Note: Before sharing documents, a few set-up tasks are required.

Contents of this article:

Steps to Share Documents

1) Create a New Document

To send out an online document, your first need to create a new document (just as you would do to create a new chart note).

To create a new document for a specific client, click on the purple search icon on the far left. Use the search field to find the client by name. Once the client is selected, click on New Document. ​

2) Select the type of document you wish to create

The New Document screen will appear. Choose the type of document you wish to create by selecting a template.

When you set-up your Kalix account, you will select the templates you wish to use. Access Kalix's Template Library to copy and customize templates to meet your practice's specific needs. Alternatively, use Kalix's Template Builder to create your own templates from scratch.

3) Document Set-up

After selecting your template, the Link Records window will appear. Associate the applicable records and click Update.


3) Enable Allow Sharing

Select the checkbox - Share with others (if not already ticked).

​Read-only When Shared
Select this to share documents in read-only format (cannot be modified by the recipient). Useful if sharing doctors' letters with contacts or goal summaries with clients.

​​4) Select Share

Next step is to share the document with the client or contact. To do this, click on the Share button as shown below, followed by Send.

The message editor will appear. You have the option of sending the document to the associated client or one of their contacts e.g primary care physician. Check the appropriate radio button to make your choice.

Sharing with a Contact

If sending to a contact, place your cursor into the - Search Contact field to make your selection. Kalix will display contacts associated with client via their cover page. Alternatively, use keyword to search your entire contact list.

5) Choose the Sending Method

Next, Select the method you are using to send the document. Kalix will automatically select the client or contacts default messaging method. Learn more

You are able to choose a method other than the default.

6) Click Send

You can edit the message (if needed). When you are happy, click - Send.


If you choose to use opt-in messaging (excluding fax), clients or contacts will need to opt-in to Kalix's messaging system before an online document can be received (note you can queue online documents to go out before the opt-in is accepted).

Online Form Submission

The document's link (and hence, the client's or contact's access to the document), is valid for 14 days. The share link can be clicked on, and the document viewed and edited as many times as needed, until the 14 days are up or the submit button is selected.

If a document is not read-only, you can also get an email notification when if is submitted.

Viewing Shared Documents

You can view shared documents at any time and their status, even before your client or contact have submitted them. The doc will be saved against the Documents section of the client's Cover Page.

Removing Document Access

If you wish to remove the client's or contact's access to the form before the 14 days is up, please follow the steps below:

Open the document (saved against their documents section of the client's cover page). Unselect the Share with others checkbox on the top of the page. Click save.


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