Document Access

To access a shared document, the client or contact clicks on the link included in the associated text message or email, (or manually enters the URL into a web browser, if using text-to-voice). Their browser navigates to the below page, where the they enter their code. 

 The code is included in the document's associated message along with the URL (an example email shown below). 

The code can be copied from the message and then pasted into the field (or manually entered).

The document's link (and hence, the client's or contact's access to the document), is valid for 14 days. The share link can be clicked on, and the document viewed and edited as many times as needed, until the 14 days are up or the submit button is selected. 

The document can also be printed as a PDF.


When a document is being edited online, Kalix auto saves after each field is completed. If there is a disruption in the internet connect or an auto-saving issue, Kalix will lock the document to prevent data entry until auto-saving is restored.


When the form is complete, the client or contact selects the Submit button.

They will then immediately lose access to the document and Kalix will navigate to the below success page. 

After submitting, if the link and code cannot be used again. If the client or contacts try, they will be taken to an already submitted notification page. 

Note: if the document is in read-only, there will be no submit button. 

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