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The Attachment Element

Use to upload and share attachments or collect files/images from clients via online documents.

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The attachment element allows you and third parties e.g., clients, referring physicians, to upload files and images to docs and templates. Uploaded files can be shared with other clinicians or clients (and other third parties) via online forms

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Adding an Attachment Element to Docs & Templates

You can easily modify your existing documents and templates to include attachments.

1) Open the document or template you wish to add the attachment to.

2) Drag the Attachment Element to it's desired location (as shown below).

Uploading Files

To upload files against the term Upload, follow the steps below:

1) Click on the Add Files/Images button

2) The open file window will appear (as shown in Chrome).

3) Select the files or photos you wish to upload. You can select to upload multiple files by holding the Control (or Command key on Mac) while clicking on the items to select.

4) Once you have made your selection click Open.

You can add files from your Shared Uploads or from your computer.

5) The Upload Files window (shown below) will appear, it will contain all of your selected files or images.

6) You can now edit the file's name, and the date and add a description (if needed).

7) When you are done click Scan for Viruses and Save. 

8) The images or files will be added to your document or template.

9) To remove any files, click on the Trash Can icon. To add additional files click Add Files/Images. 

10) To view the file or edit its details, click on the pencil icon on the image.

11) The Edit Upload window (shown below) will appear. You can then edit the name and description.

12) If you are done editing the file's details, click save.

Locking Uploads

If you wish to upload files against templates, but prevent others from uploading additional files against its related created documents or online forms, please follow the steps below:

1) Open the doc template, click on the settings icon and check off Read-Only when shared.

3) Save and close the template.

When this saved template is used to create a document, the uploads will appear as below. The already uploaded files can be clicked on to view or downloaded, and they can also be deleted, however, additional files cannot be uploaded. 

Alternatively, when this saved template is used to create an online form, the uploads will appear as below (as seen by the client or another third party). The files can be clicked on to viewed or downloaded, but they cannot be deleted, nor can additional files be uploaded by the third party. 

File Sharing

You are also able to just add an Add Files/Images element to templates, documents, and online forms without any associated files. This will show as a button and you can give your clients and other third parties, the ability to upload and share files and images with you via online forms.

Just add the Upload term to your documents and templates as described above.

Note: If requesting clients or other third parties to upload files, we recommend adding upload instructions (an example is shown below) via a free text field. 

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