Credit Card Payments Overview

Collect and charge credit cards through online scheduling, online documents (forms), and billing.

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Kalix allows you to collect payments by charging credit cards. Charge clients' credit cards saved to file or collected through shared forms or online scheduling. Alternatively, save and charge credit cards directly from a created invoice/superbill.

Note: Bills and invoices generated in Kalix can also be shared with clients to pay securely online. For information on this, please click the button below.

There are different ways to use Kalix's credit card integration:

Clients can save their credit card details for future use via:

  • Online Scheduling Widget: require clients to enter their credit card details to book appointments online.

  • Online Documents (forms): collect credit card details through online documents (credit card element).

  • Shared Invoices: as a client pays for an invoice online, they can choose to save their credit card to file for future use.

Users (e.g., providers, admin staff) can save client credit cards from:

  • The client's file: the details page of the client file.

  • Invoices: when adding a payment to an invoice.

Credit card payments can be made:

  • Online Scheduling Widget: require clients to pay for appointments upfront as they schedule them online.

  • Billing: after a user generates a bill (invoice, superbill, or insurance bill), client credit cards can be charged via the payment page.

  • Shared Invoices: share invoices with clients for them to pay online

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Account Set up for Credit Card Payments

Stripe and Square are very popular mobile payment solutions. Connect up your existing Stripe or Square account to Kalix for seamless charging.

If you are not set up with Stripe or Square, you can also create a new account from within Kalix.

Other steps you may need to complete before commencing credit card charging include: setting up bill items, appointments types, bill templates, and messaging:

For step-by-step instructions, please click on the button below.

Collecting & Receiving Payments through Online Scheduling

Kalix Online Scheduling feature allows you to add a widget to your practice's website and accept bookings 24/7. All bookings will sync with your Kalix appointment calendar, client files, billing, and automated appointment messages. Kalix's online scheduling is supported on PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones.

Collecting credit card information when client books an appointment

You can set up Kalix's scheduling widget to require clients to save their credit cards to file for future use (supported for Stripe integration only).

Making full or partial payments for booking an appointment can also be set up (supported for Stripe and Square). These features are enabled at the individual appointment level via setting up your appointment types.

A receipt is created automatically when clients book and pay for appointments online.

A record of the payment is displayed on the client's file. It will list if the client paid in full or made a partial payment and show the remainder owed.

To learn more about the widget, click on the button below.

Collecting Credit Cards via Online Documents

Kalix also supports collecting credit card information via sharing automated forms or documents.

Click the button below to learn more about Associating Document Templates with Appointment Types.

To gather credit card information via documents, you can use the Practice Policies template, which already includes the credit card details element, and choose if you want to make this information required.

You can also create your own Templates using the Template Builder and add the element Credit Card Details to the document. Then choose if you would like this information to be required, as shown in the video below.

Click on the button below to learn more about using the template library and customization.

Saving Credit Cards to Clients' Profiles (Details Page)

Alternatively, you can enter the credit card information manually ahead of time or at the time of collecting the payments.

Under Details, you can enter the credit card information against the client's profile.

Generating Bills & Charging Credit Cards

You can also enter and save credit card information after creating a bill.

To do this, navigate to the client's file or create the bill from the appointment on the calendar. Then click on New Bill and generate the bill as usual.

Once you are ready to collect the payment, open the bill, click on New on the Payments section, and choose the method - credit card.

To learn more about creating bills, click on the button below.

Sharing Bills with Clients & Paying Online

Lastly, the client can enter the credit card information when they pay the bill online.

To do this, create the bill as usual. Then scroll down and click share, and press send.

The client will receive the invoice and will be able to pay via credit card.

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