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Online Scheduling Settings

A detailed overview of the Online Scheduling Settings page.

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Kalix Online Scheduling feature allows you to add a widget to your practice's website so that you can accept bookings 24/7. All bookings will sync with your Kalix appointment calendar, client files, bills, and automated appointment messages. 

Kalix's online scheduling is supported on PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones.

Note: The Online Scheduler is available as part of the Virtual Package

subscription with Kalix.

This document will detail the Preview and Settings pages for the online scheduler. You can click here for step-by-step instructions about setting up your Kalix account to accept online appointments. For instructions on adding the scheduler to your website, please click here.

Online Scheduling - Preview  

The Preview page guides you through the setup of your Kalix account to support online scheduling. It also contains your scheduling widget code, supports the customization of the scheduler's theme, and provides a preview of what your scheduler looks like.  

Online Scheduler Set-up

You will only see this page section if your Kalix account is not fully set up to support online scheduling.

Select the manage buttons to set up the different aspects of your account. For in-depth information on account set-up, click on the button below.

Widget Code

The Preview page also contains the scheduler's code that you will add to your practice's website to embed the scheduler there.

Use the copy button (shown above) to copy the code to your computer's clipboard. Paste this into the HTML editor of your website builder, and you are ready to accept appointments online.

An example of this process is shown above (for a Wix website). Select the button below to see how to add the code to other website builders.

You can also embed the link to a particular appointment type, location, or clinician by enabling the Show Advanced feature and applying the filters.

Direct Link

If you don't have a website, you can share the direct link to your online scheduler by clicking on Direct Link and copying the link.

You can also share a direct link to a particular appointment by enabling the Show Advanced feature and selecting the different filters. Once you have applied the filters, you can copy the link to that appointment type.

Scheduler Theme

Kalix allows you to select the coloring of your scheduling widget. Use the color pickers to choose the following:

  • background-color

  • highlight color (used for buttons and object selection)

  • paper (or foreground) color 

To edit a color, use the following steps: 

  1. Click on the relevant field, and the color picker will appear. 

  2. Please select the color slider to move it up and down to choose a color. 

  3. Then move the circular marker or click in the color field to select the color's intensity (intensity increasing from left to right) and darkness (darker from top to bottom). 

  4. Alternatively, enter your desired color's hex code.

  5. Click outside of the color picker to select your chosen color.

Scheduler Preview

This page also contains a preview of your online scheduler. Note: if you book an appointment using this preview, Kalix will create a tentative appointment on your appointment calendar.

Online Scheduling - Settings

The Settings page allows you to enable and disable the online scheduling feature and further configure your widget.

Enable Online Scheduling

To enable the Online Scheduling functionality, click the switch at the top of the page.

To disable this feature at any time, click to turn the switch off. 

Scheduling Limits

This section has several options to configure when your clients can schedule appointments.

Minimum Notice

The minimum number of hours notice before appointments can be booked.

Use minimum notice to prevent clients from making last-minute appointments without enough notice for you to prepare.

Maximum Advance Booking

This is the maximum number of months you will take appointments in the future. This feature helps stop clients from scheduling appointments that occur too far in advance. For example, if you enter three here, you will not have any available appointments further than three months in the future.

Suggested Appointment Start Time Frequency 

The frequency of appointment start times Kalix will offer your clients (using your availability). For example, if you enter 15 minutes, Kalix will offer your clients' appointment start times every 15 minutes, i.e., 9:00 AM, 9:15 AM, 9:30 AM, etc.

The suggested appointment start time frequency is independent of the appointment duration.

For example, if your appointment duration is 60 minutes and a client selects 9:15 as their start time, the appointment end time would be 10:15 AM. Your next client (if your time between suggested appointment start times is 15 mins) would be offered appointment start times at 10:15 AM, 10:30 AM, 10:45 AM, etc.

​ Appointment Buffer Time

The buffer between appointments adds free time between sessions booked via the online scheduler. It is a way to automatically block out a fixed period before and after each booking.

For example, if you enter 15 minutes, there will be 15 minutes of free unscheduled time between sessions, and appointments cannot be scheduled.

If you do not wish to have any buffer time between appointments, enter 0 here.

Buffer Time For Individual Appointments

Kalix also allows you to adjust the buffer time for individual appointment types. You do this via the Buffer Time Override functionality against appointment types. You can use the buffer time override to apply a different buffer time from your default.


Maximum Appointments Per Day

This is the maximum number of client-related appointments allowed to be booked per day per clinician.

Other Options for Scheduling Out Time

There are other ways to block your time rather than using buffer time. They are detailed below:

Availability: Kalix's Availability feature supports you to block out specific periods within your weekly schedule, e.g., lunchtime.


Non-client Related Appointments: Kalix allows you to set up and schedule non-client-related appointment types. You can use non-client-related appointments to schedule ad hoc times you are unavailable, e.g., meetings.


Maximum Appointments Per Day: If you would like to limit the total number of appointments (per clinician) a day, enter the number here.

Client Details Fields

Under this selection, you can select whether clients are required to enter the following details on appointment booking: sex, gender identity and pronouns, date of birth, address, and cell phone number.

Note: Name and email are compulsory fields that cannot be switched off.

Insurance Details (USA only)

You can also set up your scheduler to support the entry of insurance details on appointment scheduling. This feature is enabled at the individual appointment level by setting up your appointment types.  

Upload Photo ID

You can request that clients upload an image of their photo ID for identity verification purposes. This feature is enabled at the individual appointment level by setting up your appointment types.

Credit Card Details and Upfront Payments

You can also set up the scheduling widget to require clients to save their credit cards to file (supported for Stripe integration only). As well as make full or partial payment (supported for Stripe and Square). These features are again enabled at the individual appointment level via setting up your appointment types.    

Other Settings

These miscellaneous settings can be used to customize your online scheduler.

Show Group Size

For Group Appointments Only. If enabled, Kalix will display the total number of participants booked into the session and the maximum allowed participants (current number/max number). To find out more about group appointments, click on the button below.

Allow Practitioner Selection 

Turn on to allow clients to choose the clinician they want to see (according to your availability). By disabling this option, Kalix will skip the practitioner selection step and randomly assign a clinician to conduct the appointment from those available at the selected time.

Show "Any Practioner" Option

During the practitioner selection stage of online scheduling, turn this on to display an "Any Practitioner" option. "Any Practitioner" gives clients the best availability by combining all suitable practitioners' availability together. If multiple practitioners are available at the selected time, Kalix assigns the appointment at random.

Shuffle Practitioners

If enabled, Kalix will randomly shuffle the order practitioners are listed on the online scheduler each time a new client books an appointment.

Reordering Practitioners

If you would like to be able to customize the order of practitioners shown on the online scheduler, you can via the Users section of the User Management page.

To reorder, click on the four-sided arrow at the end of the user's row and drag the user to the desired location.

Payment Receipt Bill Template 

If you require upfront payments for booked appointments, select the bill template Kalix will use to generate the client receipt. Kalix lets you set up customized bill templates via the Bill Template page.  

Custom Filters

Utilize user and location groups to create customized questions and answers for your online scheduler. This will help your clients find the most suitable practitioners and appointment locations based on their requirements. For example, add custom filters for practitioner specialty, reason for visit, and appointment location.

User Groups: help categorize and organize your users by assigning them to specific groups. User groups can be used to categorize providers by their specialty area, geographic location, or any other common factor. They are set up via the User section of the User Management page. Learn More

Location Groups: group practice locations together. For example, you may wish to group together locations within the same area or state. They are set up via the Edit Location screen under Account Settings. Learn More

To create custom filters for your online scheduler, please follow the instructions below:

1. First, ensure you have already set up the location and/or user groups you wish to use as custom filters. Learn More

It is important to remember that the names of the location groups and user groups you set up and select for your custom filters will be visible to your clients as the available options when booking appointments through your online scheduler.

As a result, it is important to make sure that you choose appropriate location and user group names that can be used as options to answer your custom filter questions.

For example, if you want clients to be able to filter the available providers by their reason for visit (or medical condition), set up user group names with condition descriptions that the clients will understand, e.g., use Diabetes as a user group name instead of DM.

2. To create a new custom filter, click on the Add button at the top of the section.

3. The settings for a new custom filter will open up. It is made up of a number of different fields, which will be detailed below:

Question Description: Write the instructions corresponding to the custom filters your clients select from when scheduling their appointments online.

For example, if you want clients to select their reason for visit and hence filter the available providers by their specialty area, you might enter a question description such as "What is your reason for seeing us."

Required: Turn on "Required" to make the completion of this question compulsory. If it is not required, clients can skip it and proceed to the next step in the scheduling process.

Group Type: Select between using location or user groups as you custom filter answers.

Possible Answers: Select the possible answers to your question using user or location groups.

Error Message When No Times Are Available: here, you can customize the error message that will be displayed by the scheduler if the custom filter options selected by the client do not have any available times.

Notes Section

Enter wording to add customized text above the notes question on the scheduling widget's client registration page. By doing this, you can direct clients to enter other information on scheduling, e.g., the reason for visit and referral source.

Below is how the field appears on the scheduling widget.

 Scheduling Agreement

Enter any terms and conditions clients must agree to before scheduling online appointments into the scheduling agreement field.

Entering an agreement here means your clients must sign electronically before completing their booking. You can add your HIPAA Notice (or other privacy policy) and your practice policy.
An example of an agreement included on the Kalix scheduling widget is shown below.

Once your clients have signed, entered their names, and scheduled the appointment, the agreement will be saved against the Documents section of their client cover page.

Please leave the field blank if you do not wish to include any legal agreement here.

Confirmation Page 

Kalix allows you to customize the information on the appointment confirmation page. Alternatively, you can set up a confirmation page redirect. Clients will be taken to a specified web page after they have submitted their appointment requests. For security purposes, the web page must be HTTPS.

Note: For Advanced users (some programming required) - when Kalix redirects to your specified page, we add query parameters that allow you to determine which appointment type/location/clinician was selected for tracking purposes. Please reach out to us for more details on this.

An example of the confirmation page is shown below.

Note: Kalix will bypass this page if you use the Confirmation Page Redirect.

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