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Group Appointments

Kalix supports group appointment bookings.

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The Kalix Appointment Management feature makes scheduling and running group appointments such as telehealth visits, classes, webinars, and couple and family appointments easy.

Clients can quickly sign up for group sessions online, including group telehealth visits and webinars, which run seamlessly through Kalix's virtual meeting functionality (up to 100 participants are supported).

Payment for groups can be required upfront, or credit cards can be collected and charged at a later date.

Article's Contents:

Scheduling Groups via the Appointment Calendar

Any appointment type can be made into a group session. When creating the appointment via the appointment calendar, link clients one by one like you usually would for any other appointment.

Just continue to add clients to the appointment using the Find Client search or the New Client button.

The appointment can be edited, and new clients added at any time.

Each new client is automatically sent appointment messages (if this feature is enabled).

Allowing Clients to Register For Groups Online

Note: This feature is only available as part of the Kalix Virtual Practice.

This feature allows multiple clients (up to 100, but you can cap the number) to book themselves into the same appointment, i.e., a group appointment online, via your online scheduling widget. Group appointments can be in-person or via Kalix's telehealth functionality.

Kalix's group scheduling is very customizable. Options include:

  • Set up how the group is displayed online: select the group's name, add a description & upload a display image.

  • Attendee cap: limit the number of participants that can register.

  • Payment requirements: decide whether display the cost of the group. You have the option to require upfront payment or the saving of credit card details to file for future use.

  • Collect insurance details: decide whether to collect insurance details and photo ID.

  • Appointment messages: create custom appointment confirmation messages and automatically select which online forms & agreements on appointment confirmation.

Note: You must first set up Kalix's online scheduling widget to use online group scheduling.

Enabling & Setting up Online Group Scheduling

Group appointments can be set up via the Appointment Types page. You can choose to edit an existing appointment type or create a new one.

To make an appointment type support online group registration, turn on the Support Group Scheduling switch under the Scheduler section of the Appointment Type page.

Once enabled, you can enter a maximum number of attendees who can register.

Continue filling out the options on this page, and when you are happy, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save.

Tip: You can customize the confirmation and reminder messages for that particular appointment by using the Override Feature.

Creating Availability For Group Appointments

For clients to register online for group appointments, you must first set up availability. There are two different options for this.

  1. Create a one-off group appointment from the internal appointment calendar.

  2. Set up a repeating group time via the Availability page.

1. Making a One-off Group From the Appointment Calendar

If you want to make a one-off group appointment available for clients to book online, you can do this via Kalix's internal appointment calendar.

  1. Choose the appointment time and create a new appointment internally via your appointment calendar.

  2. Select the "Support Group Scheduling" check box on the New Appointment screen.

  3. Enter the maximum number of attendees you want to attend into the Max Attendees field and click save.

  4. The group appointment will immediately become available on your scheduling widget for clients to book into.

2. Setting up Repeating Groups (Classes) via the Availability Page

Group scheduling can also be made available by creating availability via the Availability page. Creating groups this way is most useful when setting up repeating group sessions, e.g., classes.

Please note: clients can only book into one session at a time.

To create a new availability, click on the Add Availability button. The new availability window will appear.

Fill out the required information, including the group's schedule, and save.

For step-by-step instructions on creating availability, please use the below button.

Clients Booking into Group Appointments Online

The client workflow for scheduling into groups via the Kalix online scheduling widget is the same as booking a regular appointment. Please see the video below for an example.

Approving Participant Registration

You will receive an email notification when a client books into a group via the online scheduler widget.

On your internal appointment calendar, the group appointment will become tentative.

By clicking on the link within the email - View appointment, you will be taken to the Edit Appointment screen within Kalix.

The tentative appointment section of this window will appear as shown below if it is a new client.

To approve the appointment, first select the Save As New Client button.

Kalix converts the client from a tentative client to an actual client.

Now click Approve.

To learn more about approving appointments, click on the button below:

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