Location & Clinician Availability

How to set up your practice's availability for online scheduling.

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Kalix allows you to set up your locations' and clinicians' availability. These availabilities will be used by the online scheduler widget.

You can create as many different sets of availability details as you wish, e.g., create a different availability for each location and/or for each clinician. Click on Add Availability to enter a new set of times.

As a Default, only Directors and Administrative users can edit Availability. For other user types (Clinical & Supervisor), a "Permission" can be enabled under User Management to allow that specific user to edit their own availability.

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There are a few steps we recommend that you complete first before setting up your practice's availability. These are described below:

Set up Your Appointment Locations

The first step is to set up your different practice locations. This is done via your Account Settings page.

Set up Your Appointment Types

Next, you should set up your appointment types. Kalix allows you to create and customize your own appointment types by entering their names, inputting their duration, selecting their appointment block color, and enabling telehealth.


Invite Other Users to Your Account

You also need to add your staff members as users of your account. Each clinician in your practice should have their own login for Kalix. 


Entering Your Availability

Once you have set up your practice locations, appointment types, and user logins, you can set up your practice's Availability

  1. To view and edit your availability, hover your mouse on Appointments on the top header, followed by Availability

  2. To create a new availability, click on the Add Availability button.

  3. The new availability fields will appear. 

Kalix allows you to customize the availability in a number of different ways:

Name (Optional)
Give your Availability a name for easy identification.  


Place your cursor within the Clinicians field, and select the users whose availability you are setting up. You may wish to have one clinician per Availability or multiple. 


Select the availability's location/s. Kalix can support clinicians being available at different locations at the same time. 

Appointment Types

Select the Appointment Types that will be allowed for this availability. If you wish to support all appointment types, leave the field blank. 


Now, you can enter the time schedule. You can modify the availability schedule in several different ways.

  • Edit each day's start and end time - click on the related start or end field and select the new time.

  • Remove days or periods - click on the cross icon at the end of the row. The related period or day will be removed.

  • Add a new time period or day, e.g. Sunday - click on the plus button and select the day you are adding, as well as it's start and end time.

Tip - Schedule Out Time Periods

The schedule can also be used to block out specific time periods. Just create multiple time periods for the same day.

If, for example, you wish to block out Tuesdays 12:00 PM to 2 PM, first modify the time period for Tuesday to have the Start time of 8:00 AM (your work start time) and the End time of 12 noon. Now, create a new time period for Tuesday, click on the plus button. Enter the start time of 2 PM and End time of 6:00 (the end of your workday). Click save.

Start and End Date (Optional)

Enter the start and end time for this availability.

Alternating Schedules

Use the Schedule Frequency field to set up availability with recurring frequencies other than weekly, e.g., fortnightly, every four weeks. 

 Internal Only

Select internal only to make the availability private. It will only be available on your internal appointment calendar, not for online scheduling.

Duplicating Availability

If you have alternating schedules or have a timetable that changes regularly, Kalix allows you to duplicate your availability quickly.

  1. Click the edit icon for the availability you wish to duplicate

  2. Select the Duplicate button on the bottom right of the window.

  3. Make your changes.

  4. You may wish to give the duplicated availability a new name for easy identification.

  5. You can use the Start and End Date fields to have different availability for varying time periods.

  6. Save.

Blockout Days

This functionality allows you to schedule public holidays and other days you and/or specific clinicians are unavailable for appointments.

  1. To add a new blockout day (or set of days), click the Add Blockout Day shown above.

  2. Enter the start and end date of your blockout period and description (if required).

  3. Select the Clinician/s and locations you are scheduling the Blockout Day for.

  4. Select Repeat Schedule if you would like the Blockout Days to be repeated. 

  5. Click Save.

Blocking Out Time Within A Day

If you need to block out specific periods within a day in Kalix, you can do so by booking a non-client appointment during that time.

The unavailable appointment can be recurring if you wish e.g. to book out a weekly appointment or our daily lunch break.

To do this, create an appointment and choose a non-client appointment type. By default, Kalix has an appointment type called "Unavailable" specifically for this purpose, but you can use any non-client appointment type to block out the time you need.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of this feature:

  • Be sure to choose an appointment type easily recognizable as blocked time, so you don't accidentally schedule a client during that time.

  • You can also add a note or description to the appointment to remind yourself why you blocked that time off.

  • Remember that you can always edit or delete the appointment if your schedule changes.

Hide Availability Warning

If you don't wish to see the availability warning when manually creating appointments, go to your calendar, click on settings, and disable the warning.

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