Kalix offers you the ability to add unlimited users to your account. Users can be assigned different access levels (or roles) based on their duties within your practice. There are four permission types available in Kalix:


Inviting New Users to your Account

If you have the role of director, you are able to invite other users to your account (set-up a multi-user account).

Note: for security purposes, pending invitations expire after 7 days. If an invited user does not accept their invitation before this time period is up, you will need to send a new invitation.  

1) To invite a new user, first click on the settings tab (your practice's name) on the top menu bar, then select the User Management

2) Under the Users section, click on the + Invite button (shown above).

3) In the pop up window, enter the new user's log-in email and select their access level or role (see the table above for details). 

4) Choose whether they will have access to your account's billing feature and if they will be a schedulable clinician on your appointment calendar (see below for details). 

5) Click on Save to invite.

6) You should now see the new user as a pending invitation (shown below).

Access Billing

Kalix gives directors the optional ability to hide the entire billing feature for selected users. To do this, unselect Access Billing when inviting a new user to your account. Alternatively, you can edit existing users' account access (see the Edit User Access section for details).


Show on Calendar

If you are the director of your account, you have the ability to hide specific users as schedulable clinicians on your appointment calendar. To do this, unselect Show on Calendar when inviting a new user to your account. Alternatively, you can edit existing users' account access (see the Edit User Access section for details).

Revoke or Resend Pending Invitations

Kalix supports two different options for editing an pending invitation (an invitation that hasn't been accepted yet). To view these options, click on the menu icon (3 vertical icons). 

Revoke invitation - removes the invited user's ability to accept the pending invitation. 

Resend invitation - can resend an invitation to an invited user e.g. if you have lost their invitation.  


Accepting Invitations

Now it is up to the new user to accept your invitation. 

1) Your new user will receive an email asking them whether they would like to join your account.

2) This email will contain a web link. They need to click on this link to join your account.

If the User has an Existing Kalix Account Under This Email

If the new user already has an Kalix account (including a previous trial account), they should follow the steps below:

1) The link navigates to Kalix's login page (if they are not already logged into Kalix)
2) After logging in they will be directed to Kalix's User Management page.
3) Under the Invite Requests section of this page click Accept.


If the New User is New to Kalix

If the new user has never registered for Kalix before (using the invited email) complete the below steps:

1) When they click on the email link, they will be taken to the Kalix Registration page.

2) Next, they should enter their email address, name and a secure password.

3) They should read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, before clicking Register. 

4) They can now access your account.

Inviting Kalix Support to Your Account 

We may need to temporarily access your account to diagnose and resolve support issues you have raised. Our access automatically expires after 7 days and you can also revoke this access at any time.

To grant us access, navigate to the User Management page and scroll down to the bottom. Under the Kalix Support Account Access section click the checkbox.


Viewing Users

You can view the other users in your account via the User Management page, under settings (your practice name) on the top header. Scroll down to the section Users.

Modifying User Access & Deleting Users

Directors can modify other users' permissions and roles (access level) within their account. 

1) Under the Users section of the User Management page, click on the menu icon (3 vertical dots).

2) You are able to change the user's role (access level) by clicking in the Role field.


3) To add or remove their access to Billing select or unselect the Access Billing checkbox.

4) To hide a user as a schedulable clinician on your appointment calendar, unselect Show on Calendar.

Removing Users

To remove a user from your account, in the Edit User Access window, click on the Remove User button at the bottom left.    

Edit Other User's My Details Page

If you are a director of your account, Kalix also allows you to edit other user's My Details page. 

1) Under the Users section of the User Management page, against the specific user you wish to edit, click on the menu icon (3 vertical dots).

2) Click on Edit User Details.

3) Kalix will take you to the user's My Details page. Make you changes and click save. Learn More

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