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A tour of the functionalities Kalix's Appointment feature.

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The Appointment Calendar is the first page under the Appointment tab in Kalix. It is the central place for appointment management. It has many different features and functionalities; this document will describe these in detail. 

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Calendar View

Choose whether you would like to see your calendar in Month, Week, or Day view, by clicking on the applicable option on the top right of the Appointment Calendar screen.

Note: only Day view is available on the smartphone version of Kalix. 

Adjustable Appointment Week View

Located on the right above the calendar is the settings icon. By clicking on it, you can adjust the calendar options. These allow you to change your calendar view.

The Start and End Time

The Start and End Time (as shown below) allows you to choose the calendar's displayed time range (the start of the calendar's day and the end of the calendar's day).

Show Weekends

Choose whether you would like your Kalix calendar to be a 5 or a 7-day calendar by selecting or unselecting the Show Weekends checkbox.

Adjust Calendar Increments (Calendar Settings)

By default, the calendar grid shows a time increment (or interval) of 30 minutes. You can decrease this interval by selecting 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, or 60-minute increments. The Kalix calendar will automatically update. 

View Other Dates

To view other dates in your calendar, click on the calendar icon with the magnifying glass (shown below) and select the date you would like to view. Alternatively, you can use the arrows next to the calendar icon to move weeks ahead.

To choose how many weeks forward you want to look ahead in your calendar you may use the double arrows as shown below. This option is available when the calendar is in Week View.

View Availability Warning

You can also choose to view the alert if the appointment being created is outside of the Clinician's availability.

Create New Appointments

Create an appointment by clicking on NEW in the right corner above the calendar.

You can also create an appointment by double-clicking on the desired appointment slot.

Appointment Finder

You can also use the Appointment Finder button to create an appointment. This feature is only available after online scheduling is set up.

When you click on the Appointment Finder, it will bring up the view of the online scheduler and allow you to pick appointments based on your established availability only.

Note: This feature is only available with the Kalix Virtual Practice Package.

Select What to View on Your Calendar

You can choose which clinicians and locations to view on your calendar by clicking on the different options below the calendar.

If you choose to group by a clinician, the calendar will simultaneously show multiple clinicians separated into different panels.

You can also group by location and show where each appointment will occur.

Appointment Reports

The appointment Reports Tab allows you to view a quick breakdown of how your appointments are performing and a list of all the appointments.

You can choose to filter it by a variety of time frames by clicking on the filter in the top left corner above the Overview.

You can also apply a more specific filter, as shown below.

You can also export all the appointment data to a spreadsheet for further analysis.

Just click on the export button.

Customizable Appointment Types & Duration

Create your own color-coded appointment types. Choose their names, and associate them with specific providers, locations, bill items & Online documents.

Quick Client Create for Appointment

On the New Appointment screen, click on the New Client link, and the client demographic fields will appear. Enter your client details and click save. Kalix will create the new appointment and the new client's file. Click the button below for further information about creating client files.

Group Appointment Bookings

Kalix supports group appointment bookings. Just continue to add clients to the appointment using the Find Client search and/or the new Client link.

To learn more about creating appointments, click on the button below.

Recurring Appointments

Kalix allows for any appointment to be made into a recurring appointment. On the New Appointment screen, select the checkbox Recurring. Enter how often you would like the appointment to recur. Lastly, enter an end time for the recurring appointments. Click Save.

Over the next few minutes, Kalix will set up recurring appointments.

Appointment Status

Kalix allows you to set a status against a particular appointment: confirmed, attended, canceled, late cancel, rescheduled, and no-show. Select from the drop-down menu.

Tracking of Completed Appointment-related Documents, Letters & Invoice/Bills

Kalix can keep track of the completion of online documents, letters, and bills associated with particular appointments.

Kalix will highlight (or mark complete) the document icon when the client has submitted the shared documents sent as part of their appointment messages. Learn More.

The bills icon (calculator) will be highlighted when a bill is created for the appointment.

Marking the doctor's letter as complete is a manual process.

Automated Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders notify clients of upcoming scheduled appointments. Kalix's appointment reminders are fully customizable; you can choose when reminder messages are sent out, the reminder method used (email, text message, or text-to-voice), and the contents of the reminder message itself. Messages are charged at a pay-per-use rate. Click here to view pricing. Email reminders are free.

To learn more about appointment reminders, click the button below.

Move Forward/Follow-up Functionality

Kalix allows you to quickly schedule follow-up appointments by clicking on the new followed by Appointment within the Edit Appointment screen.

Each Clinician has their own Calendar

Kalix automatically provides each user in your account with their own appointment calendar. Depending on your assigned access level, you may or may not be able to see and book appointments for other users.

If your access level is supervisor, director, or administrative in Kalix, you can view the calendar of other members of your organization.

Scroll down to the bottom of your appointment calendar to the section Clinicians. You can click to tick the name/s of the users whose calendars you wish to view.

Appointments can be combined into one calendar or displayed in a separate panel for each clinician (select Group by Clinician).

You can also schedule appointments for other users if you are a director or administrator. On the New Appointment screen, select who you wish the appointment to be with. 

On the appointment calendar, you can see the clinician with whom the appointment is scheduled, as their initials are displayed on the top right of the appointment slot. 

Filter Calendar by Location

Kalix allows you to enter as many locations as needed. If you would like information about setting up locations, please click the button below. 

To view different locations, scroll down to the bottom of your appointment calendar to the section titled Locations. You can click to tick the name/s of the location/s that you wish to view. You can either view each location's calendar alone or alongside others.

When scheduling a new appointment, select the location where the appointment will take place on the New Appointment screen. 

Back on the appointment calendar, you can see the appointment's location displayed on the appointment slot. 

Customizable Availability Per Location and/or Clinician

Kalix allows you to set up your locations and clinicians' availability. You can create as many sets of availability details as you wish, e.g., create a different availability for each location and/or clinician.

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