Approving Tentative Appointments

How to approve tentative appointments created by your clients using Kalix's online scheduling widget embedded into your practice's website.

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Kalix's Online Scheduling feature allows you to add a widget to your practice's website, so your clients can book appointments 24/7.

Once a client books an appointment via your online scheduling widget, a tentative (or provisional) appointment will appear on your internal appointment calendar within Kalix. To convert this tentative to a created appointment, please follow the steps below:

Navigating to the Edit Appointment Screen of Tentative Appointments

When a client schedules an appointment via the online scheduler widget, you will receive an email notification (example shown below).

By clicking on the link within the email - View appointment, you will be taken to the Edit Appointment screen within Kalix. 

  The below notification will be visible on the top of your appointment calendar.

You can also see the tentative appointment slot outlined in red, containing the word Tentative. Click on the appointment slot to see the Edit Appointment screen.

Confirming Appointments

There are two different workflows for confirming appointments, depending on whether the scheduling client is an existing or new one.

Existing Clients

When an existing client schedules an appointment (they already saved in Kalix), Kalix will link up their file to the tentative appointment. To confirm this link-up, select Link Existing Client.

If Kalix has made the incorrect selection but your tentative client already exists, click on the cross associated with the client's name. A client search field will appear. Search for and select the correct client.

Select Approve at the bottom of the New Appointment window to approve the appointment.

New Client

If a new client books an appointment online, the tentative appointment section will appear as shown below.

To approve the appointment, first select the Save As New Client button.

Kalix converts the client from a tentative client to an actual client. 

Now click Approve.

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