Saving Office Ally™ Compatible Files

After creating your insurance bill using Kalix's Billing feature (make sure you use the CMS 1500 template), the next step is to download your CMS 1500 form in the Office Ally accepted format. There are two options to do this:

Option 1 - Download an individual CMS 1500 form**

1) On a bill's Payment screen (as shown below), under the subsection Insurance, click Download CMS 1500 and select Office Ally. 

2) The CMS 1500 form will be downloaded as a text file. The file will appear in your computer's download folder (as shown below on a PC). 

3) If you would like to, open the file and choose Save As. Save the file to your computer in location that is easily accessible i.e. you may wish to create an new folder on your computer called CMS 1500 or Office Ally.

**If this is very first file you are upload to Office Ally from Kalix, do not use this method. Office Ally needs a batch containing 6-10 claims for your first submission to format your account.  

Option 2 - Downloading a Batch

Create a batch using Kalix's Batching feature (a batch contains multiple CMS 1500 forms, saved as a single text file) to save multiple CMS 1500 forms together in a single text file. Uploading batches to Office Ally, takes much less time compared to uploading each bill individually. There is no limit to the number of insurance bills that can be added to a batch. Bills can be for different clients and different insurance companies. 

Upload Claims to Office Ally

Now log into your Office Ally account. Open Office Ally in your browser click here to open and log in. Once logged in, click on Upload Claims and choose Upload Professional (CMS-1500/837P) File option. 

On the next page, click on the Choose File button. 

Locate your downloaded Kalix CMS 1500 file and select and click Open. 

Note: if you did not save your previously downloaded Batch/CMS 1500 file somewhere specifically on your computer, check your downloads folder.

Your file should now appear in the gray box (shown below). Click the Upload button. 

The Upload File Status page will appear when Office Ally has received your file (shown below). You should also receive an email with this information.

Within 24 hours of submitting your CMS 1500 forms to Office Ally, a File Summary email will be sent to you, advising that Office Ally has processed and sent them on to the various insurance companies. 

This report lists the status of all claims received by Office Ally, and acts as your receipt that your claims have been entered into Office Ally’s system. It will give you the total number of claims submitted, lists how many of the claims were accepted and/or failed by Office Ally, and lists the File ID# of the batch, which can be used to track your claims.

Please Read if You are Submitting a Claim for the First Time

If you are submitting your bills to Office Ally for the first time please note the following:

When uploading claims created in Kalix for the first time, you must upload to Office Ally a batch file in Kalix containing 6-10 claims. Office Ally needs a batch file with containing 6-10 claims, to map your account. After this first claim file has been successfully accepted, you can submit single claims to Office Ally, if you wish. 

Alternatively, if you find it difficult to compile 6-10 claims, create a "test" batch and it name the file OATEST.txt. Office Ally will use this file to map your account, but not submit it to insurance companies. Please contact us if you would like assistance. 

Please contact Kalix Support if you find Office Ally is unable to process your file (you will receive an email notification - Error Report... from Office Ally if this occurs). We will work with you to resolve the cause of the problem.

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