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Referrals- (Australian & non-US users)
Referrals- (Australian & non-US users)

This article goes into detail of how to utilize the Referrals feature.

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Kalix's Referrals contain important client information including the referral reason and the referral source. This information is used by the Invoicing feature to create invoices. Referrals also links referral sources (contacts) to clients. 

Referrals are located under the Clients tab on the menu bar, subsection Referrals.

Above is the referrals summary page, you will see this screen when you first click on the Referrals subtab. The Referrals summary page lists all of your saved referrals. You can search for, sort, and create referrals on this screen. We will discuss the referral summary page later.

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Creating a New Referral

Hover your cursor on the Clients tab and choose Referrals.

There are three different navigation pathways to create a new referral. 

Pathway 1

To create a new referral, on the Referrals page, click on the Plus button located at the top of the screen (shown below).

Pathway 2

On the client's Cover Page, under the referrals subsection, click on the New Referral link as shown below. 

Alternatively, you can use the New Referral button on the left panel of the client's file.

Referral Page Sections


There are two date fields, date received and on referral.

Date Received-The actual date you received the referral, this is usually a different date from what appears on the referral.
Date on Referral- The date written on the referral. This is the date you might use for reimbursement purposes. 

To select a date, click on the date field, and a calendar will appear. Select the applicable date by clicking on the date square. Move backward or forwards between months using the arrows on the top bar of the calendar. Alternatively, type the required date into the date field. 


There is also the status of the referral.

Assigning a status against referrals can assist with the management and organization of client flow. There are four referral statuses:

  • Waiting List- Assign this status to a referral if you are yet to contact the applicable client to arrange an appointment. Referrals on the waiting list are managed under the subsection of Waiting List (Client tab -> subsection Waiting List). When you book an appointment associated with a particular referral, the referral status will automatically change to active.

  • Active- Assign this status if you are providing the applicable client with ongoing care under the referral.

  • On Hold- The referral is still valid (i.e. has appointments/hours remaining and not expired), but the client is not receiving ongoing appointments under it e.g. because they are on holiday.

  • Closed- The referral is no longer valid or client has ceased attending appointments.

To select a referral status, just click on the Status field and the drop-down menu should appear, click on your selection.


To link a client click on the link icon to search for the client.

A list should be generated containing clients with similar names, just click on the applicable name to select it.

If your client is yet to be saved into Kalix, click on the link Clients tab and create a new one. You will be redirected to the New Client screen, enter your client's details and save. Once you have created and saved the client, go back to the New Referral screen.

Referral Reasons

Kalix offers you the ability to enter several referral reasons.

To add your reason click on the pencil. The Referral Reasons box will open. Choose the reasons that apply.


To add a Contact, click on the link icon.

Start writing their name in the Contact field. A list should be generated containing contacts with similar names, just click on the applicable name to select it. For more information about contacts, click here.

Note: The Contact must be created before going to the Referral & Diagnosis Tab.

Linking a Referral to an Appointment

By linking referrals to appointments you can keep track of the number of appointments a client has attended via the referral tracking functionality. Additionally, when creating an invoice for a specific appointment, Kalix will also auto-add the appointment-linked referral information.

A referral can be linked to an appointment on the New/Edit Appointment screen and the Appointment Details page. If there is a current active referral for a specific client, Kalix will automatically link this referral to the client's appointment as you first create it (via the New Appointment) click here for details.

Appointment Tracking

Kalix allows you to place an appointment cap and expiry date against referrals. Click here for details.

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