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Setting-up Client Details for Billing
Setting-up Client Details for Billing
How to set-up your client's file in Kalix for effective billing.
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Kalix auto-fills bills with information from the client's details page, their appointment, and their referral. Below is a suggested workflow for setting up these. These steps can also be completed in varying orders.   

Please note: you only need to set up these demographic and referral details for a specific client once. All future bills for your client will automatically use the details you previously set up. Clients can complete their demographic information for you via online documents. 


1. Create your Client File

Before you create a bill, you should set up your client's file.

Use online forms to get clients to fill out their own demographic details.



2. Create the Referring Provider as a Contact (Optional)

If the client has a referring provider but they are not saved in Kalix as a contact, you should enter their details under Clients -> New -> Contacts.


Note: If the client's referring provider is already entered into Kalix as a contact or there is no referring provider, please skip this step.

3. Create a Referral for the Client

Creating a referral is an optional step, however, it can save time during the bill generation process. Kalix will automatically add the referral date (Australia only) and diagnosis codes (for US superbills and insurance bills only) to linked bills. 

The referring provider can be linked up via the referral page (if applicable).

Even if the client does not have a referring provider, we still recommend creating a referral. A referral does not require a referral source.  

4. Creating the Client's Appointment

The appointment you are billing for should be entered into Kalix's appointment calendar. When creating the appointment, the client's referral can be linked to the appointment via the New Appointment screen.

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