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This article shows the steps to create new clients in Kalix.

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Creating clients in Kalix

Clients or patients are the people you will provide service for.

How to Create a Client

There are two methods for creating clients in Kalix:

Quick client add

Kalix allows you to enter a new client directly from Appointments. Create a new appointment in Kalix by either clicking and dragging on the applicable appointment slot (on the calendar) or by clicking Appointments, New. and then Appointment.

​On the New Appointment screen, under the section titled Clients (shown below), click the New Client button. 

The client details fields will appear. Enter your client's details and click save. And done!

Note: you cannot enter all of the client's details via this method. To enter additional client details, including address and insurance, navigate to the client's file and edit their details.

Creating clients using the client tab

You can also create clients using the client tab. Click on the Clients tab on the top menu, then the subtab New, and then Client.

​The client details page is shown below.

Enter the client's demographic and contact details into their client details page and click Save.

For US users, go to the client's page then click on Clients Details and add insurance information here.

Australian users: you can enter the client's Medicare number, Private health fund details, and concession details (e.g., DVA, workcover, CTP, pension card)

The picture below is for Australian users only.

Create Referral/Diagnosis

After adding the client's details to their file, it is recommended to create a Referral/Diagnosis to include the diagnosis codes and link the referring providers to the client.

This will make billing a lot easier as it will prepopulate most of the information needed for billing.

To Learn More about Referral/Diagnosis, click the button below.

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