Plan, manage and assign admin tasks. Tasks can be linked to clients, contacts, appointments, documents, referrals, and bills.

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Kalix keeps you organized in all areas of your practice. Plan, manage and assign admin tasks via Kalix's Tasks feature. Tasks can be linked to clients, contacts, appointments, documents, referrals, and bills.

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Create a Task

To create a task, hover over the Appointments Tab and select Tasks.

The Tasks page will open and show a list of all your Tasks. Click on the Plus Sign button to create a new Task.

The New Task box will open.

Please enter the task's name when it is due and assign it to specific users. For further information, a description of the task can also be written and it can be linked to any relevant records.

Note: Only Directors and Administrative roles in Kalix can create and edit other users' tasks.

Tasks can be linked to multiple clients and contacts at the same time. Search for clients or contacts under the Linked Records Section to attach a record. Then click on the desired record.

Click Create at the bottom to complete setting up the task. The task is posted to your task list.

You can change your task status by clicking on the Incomplete button and selecting either Complete or Snooze.

Click on the three dots and choose edit to edit the task.

Click on the trash icon and click Update to remove a linked record.

Completing a Task

When you click to complete a task, the task will disappear from your Tasks List, and a pop-up message with the Undo button will appear. Click on Undo if you didn't mean to complete this task.


The Task Page will also list the upcoming birthdays automatically.

Tasks on the Client's File

You can view and create tasks on the Client's File. To create a new Task, click on the New button on the top right.

Choose to view completed and or Other User's Tasks.

Tasks Related to Contacts

You can create tasks related to your contacts.

Tasks for Referrals

You can create tasks for your referrals. Go to Referrals, click on a referral from the list, and create a task.

Tasks for Billing

You can also create tasks related to Billing. Click on Billing and choose Bills, then go to the Tasks tab.

You can click on a specific Bill and create a task for it.


When you create a notification and select a date and time to be due by, Kalix will add a notification indicating that the task is overdue.

When you click on the notification it will take you to the notifications page where you can edit or change the status of the task to Completed.

Alternatively, you can see which Tasks are due or overdue for the day by going to the Tasks Page under the Appointment Tab.

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