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Inviting Clients to Cronometer
Inviting Clients to Cronometer

How to invite your Clients to Cronometer

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Inviting Clients to Cronometer

From each client's file in Kalix, you can send them an email invitation to create a Cronometer account or link up their existing account.

1) Open the client's file in Kalix and select the Cronometer tab.

2) Click on the Invite button as shown below.

3) In the pop-up window, enter the client's email address you wish to send the invitation to.

4) Click Invite.

5) Now wait for the client to accept the invitation. Below is an example of the connection status when you are waiting for the client to create their account.

6) Once the invitation has been accepted (the client's account will be automatically linked), the status will appear as below.

How Clients Accept Your Invitation and Link-up Their Cronometer Account

These instructions are from the client's point of view.

Clients New to Cronometer (No Existing Account)

1) Once you have clicked Invite on the Cronometer tab of the client's file, the client will receive an email invitation to Cronometer.

2) The email contains a link they must click on.

3) After clicking on the link, they are taken to a webpage where they choose a password. A free Cronometer Gold account is created and automatically linked to their profile in Kalix.

4) The client can then download the Cronometer app on their phone or tablet.

Clients With Existing Cronometer Accounts

If a client already has a Cronometer account, you can still link this up to their profile in Kalix.

1) Send an invitation to the client via Kalix as per normal.

2) Cronometer detects the client already has a Cronometer account and sends them a different email instead. An example of this email is shown below.

3) The client needs to log into their Cronometer account. On the main page, there is a notification (shown below) for them to allow you to monitor their Cronometer account.

4) The client clicks Accept.

5) Their Cronometer account is now linked to their profile in Kalix.

Disconnecting Cronometer Accounts from Client Profiles in Kalix

For Clients with connected Cronometer accounts, you are able to disconnect them at any time in Kalix.

Disconnected clients will no longer count towards your total number of clients for subscription purposes.

1) Open the client's file in Kalix and select the Cronometer tab.

2) Click on the Disconnect button as shown above.

Once clients are disconnected, you are no longer able to view their records in Kalix or Cronometer.

Note: Disconnecting clients' Cronometer accounts will also revoke their Cronometer Gold access (they can still access the basic version). Clients will also lose access to any foods or recipes you have shared with them. They will retain all data they or you have logged in to their accounts.

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