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Nutritionix Track Integration
Nutritionix Track - Account Set-up
Nutritionix Track - Account Set-up

How to set-up and connect Nutritionix Pro with Kalix.

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Nutritionix Track is a food, nutrient, exercise, and weight tracking app developed and maintained by a team of registered dietitians. Track clients' progress directly from your Kalix account. Both you and your client can use Nutritionix Track Pro for free as part of the Virtual Practice Kalix subscription.

Click on the button below to learn more about Nutritionix Track features. 

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How it Works

Using Kalix, you will be able to share with clients, their own personal link to sign-up for a free Nutritionix Pro account (or link up their existing account) (see below for details).

What the client does

The client clicks on the shared link. They will be taken to a page where they can create a Nutritionix Track account or log in and link up their existing Nutritionix Track account.

The client can then download the Nutritionix app on their phone or tablet.


What You Will See

The client's file in Kalix will be directly linked to their Nutritionix Track account. As soon as the client logs something in Nutritionix, you will be able to see it in Kalix.

Stage 1: Connect Nutritionix Track to Kalix & Create Your Nutritionix Account

What You Do

1) Navigate to the Integrations section of Account Settings (located under your practice name - the option on the far right of the top menu bar).

2) Select the Connect button as shown below.

3) The Nutritionix Sign-up / Login page will appear. Click on the Create Account button as shown below.

4) The Signup page will appear, fill out each field, and review the terms of service and privacy policy. Click Create Account.

5) Complete the Finish Setup page. You now have a Nutritionix Track account.

6) Grant Kalix permission to access your Nutritionix account.

5) You will be taken back to your Kalix account. Nutritionix Track is now linked. 


Stage 2: Connecting With Your Clients

The next step is to set-up how you will share with clients their personal link to sign-up for their Nutritionix Pro account (or link up their existing account).

Do Not Use Your Coach ID

After you have successfully connected Kalix and Nutritionix Track via the Account Settings page (Stage 1), you will receive the below, automated email.

Please ignore this email! Your clients do not need your coach ID. Instead, you will use Kalix to share with clients an autogenerated personal link to sign-up for their Nutritionix Pro account (or link up their existing account).

Setting-up Link Sharing

There are three different methods for sharing this unique link with clients:


Option 1: Appointment Notices & Reminders

Automate the link-sharing process via Appointment Reminders and Notices. There is an auto-text field that can be added to the Appointment Notice and Appointment Reminder Template.


1) Navigate to Messaging Settings page.

2) Scroll down to the Automated Messages section.

3) Click on the Edit Message Templates associated with Appointment Notices and/or Reminders.

4) In the Message Template, place your cursor at the location you wish to add the auto text field (like you would do when starting to type).

5) Click on the Auto Text button located on the editing bar and select the Nutritionix link auto text. The auto text field will be added to your message template at the location of your cursor.

6) You may wish to add text around the link to provide instructions to your clients.  

7) Click Save.

Sharing Nutritionix with Clients

Using this method, you do not need to do anything to share with clients their personal Nutritionix link. They will automatically receive the link as part of all appointment reminder and/or appointment notice messages.

Option 2: Online Documents 

Kalix also supports automatically sharing the personal Nutritionix link via the message associated with online forms and documents.

You can edit the message template associated with an existing template and add the Nutritionix auto text field.

Use the Sharing Nutritionix Track Template

Alternatively, if you would like to use a template specifically set-up to share the clients' personal Nutritionix links, there is one available as part of the Template Library. Its location is shown below:


Sharing Nutritionix with Clients

Using this method, you share with the personal Nutritionix link as you would share an online form.

Option 3: Manual Sharing

If you prefer to share with each client their personal link manually, follow the steps below:

1) Navigate to the specific client's file.

2) Click on the Nutritionix Track button (located on the side panel or at the top of their file),

3) You will be taken to a page where you can cut and paste that specific client's unique Nutritionix Track link. 

4.  Copy the link (Control/Command C) and share it with the client via Kalix's Messaging or using your personal email.  

Stage 3: Clients Create and Link-up Their Accounts

For client instructions about how to create and link up their Nutritionix Track accounts please click on the link below:

Stage 4: View Client's Records

Once an individual client has created logs within Nutritionix Track, you are able to review these within Kalix. 


Disconnecting Nutritionix Accounts from Client Profiles in Kalix

For Clients with connected Nutritionix accounts, on the top header of their file, next to the 'Nutritionix Track' a dropdown icon is present. When the drop-down icon is selected, the Unlink button will become visible. Click Unlink to disconnect the client's linked Nutritionix account.

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