Once an individual client has created logs using Nutritionix Track, you can review these within Kalix. 

1) Navigate to the specific client's file.

2) Click on the Nutritionix Track button (located on the side panel or at the top of their file), as shown below.

 3) A new tab in your browser will open, containing a summary of days when logging occurred (Client Overview). The summary includes the following information (per day):

  • Energy consumed

  • Energy burnt via their logged physical activity

  • Energy remaining or calories exceeding their set energy goal

  • Total protein, carbohydrate and fat intake (grams)

4) Select a particular day to see a breakdown per meal/snack and per food item. An example is shown below:

5) Click on the total calorie intake to view the nutritional profile of the selected day. Nutritional information includes:

  • Total energy intake (calories) 

  • Energy intake goal

  • Actual macronutrient composition of energy intake (percentage of total energy for protein, carbohydrate, and fat). 

  • Goal macronutrient composition for energy set by the client 

  • Daily macro and micronutrient intake (with percentage of total requirement - if applicable)

6) Nutritionix also allows you to click on a particular meal to see its nutritional profile. 

7)  You can so select a specific food. 

Nutrient Report

The Nutrient Report is accessible from the Client Overview page.

The Nutrient Report contains an average of the past week's (last 7 days) record.

In addition, you can also view bar graphs, representing each day over the past 7 days for energy, carbohydrate, protein, and sodium intake.

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