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Nutritionix Track Integration
Viewing Client Nutritionix Track Records
Viewing Client Nutritionix Track Records

How to view an individual client's Nutritionix Track log within Kalix.

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Once an individual client has created logs using Nutritionix Track Pro, you can review these within Kalix. 

Follow these steps:

1) Navigate to the specific client's file.

2) Click on the Nutritionix Track button (located on the side panel or at the top of their file), as shown below.

 3) A new tab in your browser will open, containing a summary of days when logging occurred (Client Overview). The summary includes the following information (per day):

  • Energy consumed

  • Energy burnt via their logged physical activity

  • Energy remaining or calories exceeding their set energy goal

  • Total protein, carbohydrate and fat intake (grams)

4) Select a particular day to see a breakdown per meal/snack and per food item. An example is shown below:

5) Click on the total calorie intake to view the nutritional profile of the selected day. Nutritional information includes:

  • Total energy intake (calories) 

  • Energy intake goal

  • Actual macronutrient composition of energy intake (percentage of total energy for protein, carbohydrate, and fat). 

  • Goal macronutrient composition for energy set by the client 

  • Daily macro and micronutrient intake (with percentage of total requirement - if applicable)

6) Nutritionix also allows you to click on a particular meal to see its nutritional profile. 

7)  You can also select a specific food. 

Nutrient Report

The Nutrient Report is accessible from the Client Overview page.

The Nutrient Report contains an average of the past week's (last 7 days) record.

In addition, you can also view bar graphs, representing each day over the past 7 days for energy, carbohydrate, protein, and sodium intake.

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