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Viewing Client Cronometer Records
Viewing Client Cronometer Records

How to view an individual client's Cronometer Record

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Viewing Clients' Cronometer Records

In Kalix

Once a client uses Cronometer, you are able to review the following information within Kalix.

  • All of the client's food diaries (use the filter to select specific time periods).

  • A nutritional analysis of their food diary with calories, macronutrients, alcohol, sodium, magnesium, and potassium.

  • A range of biometric measurements including weight, height, heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, waist size, body fat, sleep.

Note: on this page, there is a time filter you will need to use to select the time period of records you wish to view.

In Cronometer

Also, you can also click on the View Full Record button to view the client's entire record and analysis in Cronometer.

From Cronometer you can see information including:

  • Detailed nutrient information showing calories, macronutrients, and up to 82 micronutrients.

  • Client's exercise log including information synced from activity trackers.

  • An array of charts and graphs including energy consumed, biometrics, nutrients, weight, body fat as well as your own custom ones.

  • Export data for your own analysis (see below for location).

You can also leave notes or comments to your client and your own private notes.

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