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Kalix - Cronometer Pro Integration - Overview
Kalix - Cronometer Pro Integration - Overview

An overview of Cronometer Pro and features offered.

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Cronometer Pro is food, exercise, and biometrics tracking software designed to optimize your clients’ nutrition while empowering them to reach and maintain optimal health.

Get detailed nutrient information showing calories, macronutrients, and up to 82 micronutrients. Easily log and sync exercise and metrics from popular activity trackers.

Kalix's integration with Cronometer is available as part of Kalix's Standard Package but requires a paid Pro Subscription ($39.95/month) to Cronometer (with a 30-day free trial).

Your clients can use Cronometer as part of your Cronometer Pro subscription. Below is an overview of features offered by Cronometer Pro. Click on the applicable links to find out more.

For information on how to set up your Cronometer Pro account, click here


92% of All Grocery Items

Database containing over 800 000 food items, including common foods, items from 760+ chain restaurants & branded foods.

Accurate Nutrition Data

Generates sophisticated nutritional data from food logs, including calories, macronutrients, & up to 82 micronutrients.

Tracks Your Clients’ Progress

Tracks 28 biometrics (body composition, cardio, labs, mood & sleep) plus any custom metrics you wish to set up.

Syncs With Clients’ Existing Apps

Including Withings, Googles Fit, Apple Health, Strava, Garmin, Polar, Qardio, Oura, Biosense, Keto Moko & Samsung Health.

Control Client Profiles

Modify your clients’ settings, including their anthropometrics, BMR & activity level. Set up client weight, energy, and macronutrient targets.

Customizable Client Views

Tailor what each client can view as they log their records, e.g., hide calories and other nutrients for eating disorder clients.

Client Nutrition Reports

Create highly configurable nutrition & biometric reports with tables, charts & target lines. Export to review progress with clients.

In-App Client Messaging

Easily communicate with your clients via Cronometer’s secure, in-app client messaging. Leave notes for clients in their diaries.

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