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Setting-up Your Free Cronometer Account with Kalix (For Clients)
Setting-up Your Free Cronometer Account with Kalix (For Clients)

How to set-up and use Cronometer (for clients)

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Cronometer is a food tracking application that your provider may invite you to utilize to better assist you with your wellness goals.

You Provider will send you an invitation to create a Cronometer account and link it up to Kalix (the electronic medical record used by the provider).

Steps to Set Up your Cronometer Account

You will receive an email from your provider inviting you to use Cronometer.

Clients New to Cronometer (No Existing Account)

1) The email contains a link you must click on.

2) After clicking on the link, you will be taken to a webpage where you choose a password. A free Cronometer Gold account is created and automatically linked to your profile in Kalix.

3) Now you can download the Cronometer app on your phone or tablet.

Clients With Existing Cronometer Accounts

If you already have a Cronometer account, you can still link this up to your profile in Kalix.

1)Your provider will send you an email invitation to use Cronometer.

An example of this email is shown below.

2) You will need to log into your Cronometer account. On the main page, there is a notification (shown below) for you to allow your provider to monitor your Cronometer account.

4) Click Accept.

5) Your Cronometer account is now linked to your profile in Kalix.

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