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Setting up Kalix- Rupa Health Integration
Setting up Kalix- Rupa Health Integration

The Kalix-Rupa Health integration allows you to order, track and receive client test results directly from within their profile in Kalix.

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Rupa Health is a centralized platform where healthcare providers can order, track & receive results from 30+ lab companies all in one place. Tests span from the conventional to functional medicine testing, including DUTCH, Genova, Great Plains, and more!

Order Rupa Health Tests via Kalix EMR

To learn more about Rupa Health, please click on the button above.

Account Set up

Unlike most other third-party integrations in Kalix, users who intend to order lab results must connect their Rupa Health log-in to Kalix.

Rupa Health offers team accounts (like Kalix), where each user signs in with their own login to access a shared Rupa Account.

Once an initial team member has created a Rupa Health account, every other provider needs to be invited to that account directly from settings in Rupa Health.


1) Each user who will order lab results must navigate to the Integrations section of their My Details page and connect their Rupa login to Kalix.

2) Under the Rupa Health section, click Connect. You will be taken to the Rupa Health sign-up page.

Existing Rupa Health Account:

  • If you have an existing Rupa Health Account, log in using your username and password.

  • Authorize Kalix to access your Rupa Account.

  • Your browser will return to the Integration page with Rupa Health linked to Kalix.

No Rupa Health Account:

  • If you do not have a Rupa Health account, select the Sign up free button (as shown below).

  • Following the steps to create a new Rupa Health Account.

  • Authorize Kalix to access your Rupa Account.

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