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Kalix - Rupa Health Integration Overview (USA Only)
Kalix - Rupa Health Integration Overview (USA Only)

An overview of Rupa Health and the services they offer.

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Rupa Health is a centralized platform where healthcare providers can order, track & receive results from 30+ lab companies all in one place. Tests span from the conventional to functional medicine testing, including DUTCH, Genova, Great Plains, and more!

The Kalix-Rupa Health integration allows you to order, track and receive client test results directly from within their profile in Kalix.

Order Rupa Health Tests via Kalix EMR

Available Tests

To view a full list of tests offered by Rupa Health, please click on the button below:

After registering for a Rupa account, you can view your personalized list of available labs based on your license and state.

Physician Services

Rupa Health also provides Physician Services, which allow non-physician healthcare professionals to recommend tests that need to be ordered through a physician. Rupa Health obtains authorization for the test through a signing physician. Results will be released to the client, practitioner, and authorizing physician at the same time.


The Kalix-Rupa Health integration is available as part of both Kalix's Standard & Virtual Practice packages.

Rupa Health itself has no memberships or subscription charges. Registering for a Rupa Health account is totally free.

The only costs are associated with the tests themselves. There are three different options for Payment for lab tests:

  • Clients Pay: your clients directly pay for lab testing at wholesale cost (the most popular option).

  • Provider Pay: Choose to pay upfront for testing and bill your clients separately.

  • Custom Fee: Add any additional services as a separate line, such as a lab interpretation or phlebotomy fee. Then Rupa will bill your client directly for the cost of testing + your custom fee.

Payment Method Rupa Health Accepts:

  • Credit or Debit

  • Flexible Savings Accounts (FSA)

  • Health Spending Accounts (HSA)

  • 3-Month Payment Plans with no pre-approval

Rupa Health & Insurance

Rupa is cash-pay only for all lab tests. However, Rupa Health can provide clients with a pre-filled Superbill (not supported for Physician Services) along with an itemized receipt.

Lab Results

You will receive an email notification when lab results become available. Results are automatically saved as PDFs under the Rupa Health page of the client's file and in the document section of the client cover page. Results are also visible from your Rupa Health account.

As a default (except when utilizing the Physician Services), results are not automatically released to clients. Through Kalix, you can manually share them with your client through secure email.

You can also set your Rupa account to automatically release results to your client via your Rupa account settings.

The Patient Experience

Rupa Health guides your clients through the process test. They receive an email at the following:

  • When you place the order

  • When the kits have shipped

  • When they send personalized testing instructions and phlebotomy options

  • At the 2-week mark to make sure testing went smoothly

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