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Fullscript Integration
Fullscript Integration with Kalix
Fullscript Integration with Kalix

Kalix integrates with Fullscript, allowing you to make recommendations for supplements directly from the client's records.

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The Fullscript and Kalix integration allows you to recommend or dispense professional-grade supplements to your clients.

It is Free to sign up for a Fullscript account and you must provide them with your licenses and educational credentials to show what kind of healthcare provider you are.

You don't need to carry any inventory and you can track your client's adherence to the recommended treatment plan via Kalix.

Fullscript allows you to earn revenue and offer discounts for your clients.

You can also learn more about supplementation via the Fullscript educational series.

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Setting up Fullscript in Kalix

  1. Go to the name of your practice tab located on the top right corner, hover over it, and select Account Settings.

  2. Select the Integrations Tab.

  3. Scroll down to Fullscript and click Connect.

4. Now you will be asked to either log in or create a Fullscript account.

5. Once you have either logged in or created a Fullscript account, you will be asked to agree to the use of information from your Kalix.

6. After clicking Agree, you will be taken back to Kalix and other options for the integration will appear.

Now you can link Kalix users to Fullscript. To link them choose the email from the list.

If a user is not linked, you can click on Invite to Fullscript.

If a practitioner from your practice has their own Fullscript account, you can toggle the button to enable Users Can Connect Their Own Fullscript account.

7. Once you have linked the accounts you are ready to use Fullscript and can see the status as Linked.

Recommending Supplements to you Clients

  1. Open the Client's Chart. You will be able to see the Fullscript Tab as part of the record.

2. To create a new supplements recommendation, click on the Orange button with the plus sign.

3. After clicking to create a new recommendation, it will take you to the Fullscript page.

It may ask you to choose which practitioner to write on behalf of, if you have multiple practitioners under the same account.

After you will be taken to the Recommendations page where you will search for a patient or create a new one.

4. If you need to create a new client, click on Create New Patient and then enter some basic information as shown below and then click Create and Start New Recommendation.

5. A window will appear where you can either apply a protocol or click on add supplements and resources.

6. If you choose Apply Protocol, a window with a list of protocols will appear. You may use the Fullscript protocols or create your own.

7. If you choose to add supplements and not apply protocols, then a window

with a list of supplements will appear. You may use the search bar for the catalog, or you may choose from your list of Favorites, as well as from Patient History or resources.

8. After selecting the supplements you can review the plan and add a personalized message, adjust the dose and the frequency and duration of the treatment.

When you are ready you can click Send Recommendations.

9. You will now be taken back to Kalix and will be able to view the order in the client's chart under the Fullscript tab.

You can also monitor if the client has filled their order and if the order is still active.

Once the client has placed their order, you can View the order by clicking on the View Order button.

Adding The Supplements Recommendations to your Templates

You can show your recommendations on your chart notes and also share them with the clients.

To do this, you will add the Fullscript Element to you Templates.

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