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Uploading Photos To Kalix From Your Phone or Tablet
Uploading Photos To Kalix From Your Phone or Tablet

How to easily upload photos from your phone or Tablet directly to Kalix.

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Kalix allows you to take and upload photos to your clients' file via your smart phone (e.g. Android phone, iPhone) or tablet (e.g. iPad). This can be useful when you wish to make a copy of a client's insurance card, lab results or any paperwork and save it against their file in Kalix. 

Uploading a Photo

Photos can be uploaded to a client's file in Kalix by following three simple steps. 

  1. Accessing Kalix on your tablet or smart phone

  2. Opening the specific client file

  3. Uploading the photo via the documents section of the client's Cover Page

Step 1 - Accessing Kalix via your Tablet or Smart Phone

You can access the tablet or smart phone version of Kalix automatically via your preferred browser. 

  1. On your tablet or smart phone, open the internet browser e.g. Safari, Google Chrome.

  2. Enter the Kalix web address

  3. On the log in page, log into your Kalix account.

Via the Kalix Tile

To save time, you may wish to consider adding a tile for Kalix on the home screen of your phone or tablet, along with your other apps. To see how do this, please click on the applicable link below.

Step 2 - Opening Your Client's File

Next step is to open the specific client's file. You can locate the client's file via the appointment calendar or from your client list.

Accessing your Client's File via the Appointment Calendar

2) On the Edit Appointment screen, scroll down to the Clients section and tap on the client's name as shown below.

3) The client's Cover Page will open.

Accessing your Client's File via Your Client List

1) Above your calendar type the name of the client by the magnifying glass.

2) Click on the client's name to open the Cover Page.

Step 3 - Uploading the Photo via the Documents Section of the Client's Cover Page

1) On the client's Cover Page, under the Documents subsection, tap on the Upload File link as shown below. 

2) The Upload File window will appear. Choose the file you wish to search if you have already taken the picture or have the picture in your files. 

  3) You can also choose to use the camera and take a picture.

The pop up window on iPhone

The pop up window on iPad

The pop up window on an Android phone

3) Once you have taken your photo or uploaded your image, you will be redirected back to the Upload File page.

4) Next, fill out the images name, category and other details and click Save.

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