Setting up Templates for Online Documents

Templates are pre-formatted files that serve as the starting point for new documents, including online documents. Before you start sending online documents, you must (if not already done so, set up your templates). 

You can add templates to your account from Kalix's Template Library (recommended) or create your own templates from scratch using the Blank ADIME, Custom or Basic templates. All templates can be fully customized to meet your specific needs, click on the link to learn more about Kalix's template library and basic template customization.

The template for an online document is set up like any other doc template e.g. chart note template. There are only a few little differences.  

  • Make sure you select the tickbox - Share with others (this makes it shareable). 
  • If you wish to sent the document in read-only format (it cannot be edited), select the Read-Only tick box. 
  • You can customize the online document's messaging template (the email, SMS or text-to-voice message associated with the document) by clicking on the button - Edit Messaging Template.

Setting-up the Messaging Template

  • By clicking on the Edit Messaging Template button (shown above) you can edit the online document's associated message. 
  • A pop up window will appear. Kalix supports a different messaging template per messaging method. Move between the different templates by selecting the applicable section as shown below. 

  • You are able to customize the message. We recommend that you include instructions about how to access and complete document. 
  • You can also include merge fields, the template allows you to quickly add certain merge fields as shown below. Additional merge fields are also available  click here to view these. 

Note: you must include the link [LINK] in your message. This is where Kalix auto adds the document link and security code. 

  • Use the Preview button to send a test message to yourself. 
  • When you are happy with your template, click save. 
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