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Send documents, chart notes, doctors letter's, attachments & more via e-fax. Receive faxes directly within your Kalix account.

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Kalix allows you to send faxes to both clients and contacts*. Faxes can include documents, chart notes, client summaries, doctor's letters, attachments and more.

Kalix also supports receiving faxes from clients and other healthcare professionals directly within your Kalix account via the Messaging Inbox.

The cost to send and receive faxes is three cents (3.00c) per page (United States). You are required to purchase prepaid credit before sending faxes. Click here to view more information about pricing.

Kalix also supports the purchasing of a dedicated fax number (Optional).

*Note: the fax's recipient must be set up in Kalix as either a contact or client. Their fax number should also be saved to their details page and the number type - fax selected (as shown below).

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Account Set-up

Prior to sending faxes, there may be a few set-up steps you need to complete. These include enabling faxing via the Messaging Settings page.


Faxing Attachments From Your Messaging Inbox

The quickest way to fax an uploaded file is via the Messaging Inbox.

1. Navigate to your Messaging Inbox and select the Compose New Message button.
2. Select whether you are sending the fax to a client or contact.
3. Search for and select the recipient.
3. Choose fax as the messaging method.
4. Compose a message to associate with your fax i.e. this could be the fax cover sheet (optional).
5. Click on Upload - to select and upload your attachment/s.
6 Select Send.



Faxing Client Documents

Kalix documents created in Kalix e.g. chart notes, doctors' notes, can be faxed directly to clients and contacts.

1) The first step is to open the client's file that you are communicating about.

2) Next, click New Document to create the document you wish to fax (just like you would a regular document).

3) Alternatively, under the document section of the client's cover page, click on an existing document to open and fax.

4) Now, the document has opened, select the checkbox - Allow Sharing (if not already ticked) at the top of the page.

​​5) To fax, click on the Share button, as shown below, followed by Send.

6) The message editor will appear. You can fax the document to the associated client or one of their contacts e.g. primary care physician. Check the appropriate radio button to make your choice.

Faxing to a Contact

If faxing the document to a contact, place your cursor into the - Search Contact field to make your selection. Kalix will display contacts associated with client via their cover page. Alternatively, use keywords to search your entire contact list.


6) Next, select fax as the method you are using to send the document.

7) You can edit the message (if needed). When you are happy, click - Send.

Transferring Faxes to Client or Contact's Records

You can transfer the content or the attachments received via fax to the client's record or to a contact's record.


  1. Go to your Inbox and choose the fax to open.

2. Click on the Transfer Attachment icon.

3. The Transfer box will open. Choose Client or Contact and enter the name next to the magnifying glass.

4. You can change the name of the file and the category. When it is ready click Copy. An alert will pop up indicating that the attachment was copied successfully. Click OK.

5. You will then see the message that it was copied to the client or contact. You can click on the name and it will take you to the client's or contact page.

6. Scroll down to documents and it will appear under the category that you chose when you transferred the fax.

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