To send and receive efaxes, SMS (text message) and text-to-voice messages, you must purchase prepaid messaging credit. 

It is important to check your credit balance regularly. It is your responsibility to top-up your credit when it’s getting low. If you run out, efaxes, SMS and text-to-voice messages will no longer be sent from your account.

Note: We will send you notification emails when your credit drops below $5 and $0. You can also enable auto top-up.

Purchasing Credit

To purchase, go to the Messaging Settings page and click to the credit icon (as shown below). 

Alternatively, navigate to your Payments page and click on the Top-up Credit link. 

Click on the purple link Top-up Credit as shown above and the Add Message Credit box will appear. Enter the amount of credit you wish to purchase and press Top-up Credit.

Note: minimum Credit purchase is $10.

The message box shown below will appear, warning you that the credit amount will be charged against your saved credit card. Click OK to proceed.

Note: the payment may take 48 hours to be processed.

When the payment is processed, we will send a tax invoice to your email address. You can retain this email for use for taxation purposes. If you would like a PDF copy of the Invoice, click on the link in the email- Click here to download a PDF copy of your tax invoice.

Message Credit Auto Top-up:

If you would like Kalix to auto top-up your messaging credit after the balance reaches a certain amount, please follow the steps below:

  1. On the Payments screen, click on the Change link as shown below.
  2. Now select the checkbox, Automatic low balance top-ups.
  3. Enter the amount Kalix will automatically add to your messaging credit balance
  4. Choose the credit balance that will automatically trigger the auto top-up.
  5. Click Save.

Note: if setting up messaging credit for the first time, please purchase credit first before setting up auto-top up. Auto top-up will only occur after the first credit purchase.

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