Kalix's referral program allows you to use Kalix for free! To participate you must be a paying Kalix user. Refer as many people as you wish and never pay for Kalix again!

To access, click on Settings (your practice name or My Organization if you do not have a practice name saved), followed by Use Kalix For Free. 

Kalix's referral program is automated. Use the emailing system to send your referees the invitation email. They must click on the link in the email to register. Once the referee registers for a free Kalix trial, one month subscription credit will be automatically added to your account (equal to $27 credit). After they convert over to a paid account, an additional two months credit will be yours (equal to $54). You will receive emails notifications when credit is added to your account.

Sending a referral Email

  1. On the referral program page, enter the referrer's email into the 'To' field.
  2. Edit the email subject if required.
  3. Personalize your email message (do not alter or remove the referral link).
  4. Click send.

Please note: you cannot alter the 'From' email, Kalix will send all emails via your Kalix login email. We do this for privacy reasons and to prevent SPAM. Please do not spam people :-) 

Note: if your referee forgets to use the invitation link just reach out to us and we will still honor the referral. 

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