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Kalix Subscriptions & Payments
Kalix Subscriptions & Payments

Subscribing to Kalix is quick and easy. Subscribe online using our PCI-DSS compliant payment gateway.

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Our subscription model is specially designed to cater for practices with casual and part-time staff, that's why we offer:


Kalix offers three different feature packages. 

Standard Package

Kalix's standard package is $27/month (or $270/year)* for Kalix's standard features. Features are listed below:

  • Appointment Management

  • Appointment & Payment Reminders**

  • Invoicing, Superbills & Insurance Claims

  • Template Library, Editable Notes & Forms

  • E-signing & Online Forms

  • Secure Client Messaging & Faxing***

*Per full-time equivalent practitioner (25 hours of appointments/wk)    
** May require the additional purchase of messaging credit
*** Option to purchase dedicated numbers


Virtual Practice Package

The Virtual practice contains all standard package features + telehealth +  the online scheduling widget + online and inperson payments + integration food and exercise tracking app (Nutritionix). It is $47/month or $470/year*.

Enterprise Package

For accounts with 20 subscriptions or more. We offer special volume discounts, the set-up of customized document templates and white labeling.

Payment Plans

Kalix offers two choices for subscriptions payments;

Monthly Plan

Pay on a monthly basis. Your credit card will be charge automatically each month. You can cancel your subscription any time and we won’t charge you again (plus no cancellation fee).

Annual Plan

Pay on a yearly basis and save over 15% on your subscription price. Your subscription will be automatically renewed after 1 year and the subscription price will be charged to your credit card. 

You can cancel your subscription anytime (sorry no refunds) and we won’t charge you again (plus no cancellation fee).

Subscription Volume

Our pricing is designed with the modern healthcare practice in mind. A modern practice is often made up of part-time, casual and contract staff.

We don’t believe in charging you extra each time a new staff member is added. That’s why Kalix’s subscription model is based on the number of full-time equivalent practitioners, not your total number of users.

We define one full-time equivalent practitioner (1 subscription) as equal to 25 hours of appointments a week


Other Costs

Messaging Credit

If you choose to use Kalix to send and receive SMS (text messages), text-to-voice messages (computer generated voice messages) and faxes, prepaid credit must be purchased before messages can be sent. Click here for Pricing. Email messages are free.

Dedicated Numbers

We also offer you the ability to purchase your own unique fax, SMS and text-to-voice number. Alternatively, port your existing number to Kalix (continental United States only). By using a dedicated number, you will be able to receive faxes, SMS and text-to-voice messages from anyone. Dedicated numbers costs are added to your monthly or annual subscription as an ongoing payment. Click here for Pricing.


Accepted Cards

Kalix accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB cards over our secure online payment gateway. Contact us for other payment methods (enterprise only).

Navigate to Subscriptions

Navigate to the Subscription screen by following the instructions below: 

  1. Click on your practice name (or My Organization, if you have not entered a practice name yet), located on the top right of the menu bar. 

  2.  Select the Subscriptions option.

Note: if Subscribing for the first time, you can simply use the View link on the menu bar. You will be redirected to the Subscription page. 


New Subscriptions

If subscribing to Kalix for the first time, please follow the steps below:

Navigate to Kalix's Subscription page and select the Subscribe button. 

 1) Subscription Volume 

Enter the estimated average number of hours you spend (or your practice spends) with clients. From this value Kalix calculates the number of subscriptions you require.

2) Payment Plan

Selected your preferred billing cycle, i.e. you can be billed monthly or annually. If you choose to be billed annually, save over 15% on your subscription cost.

You can cancel your subscription anytime (sorry no refunds) and we won’t charge you again (plus no cancellation fee).

3) Packages

Select the package that best meets your practice's needs (see the packages section above for details.).

Click on the select button to make your choice. 


4) Confirm Details and Coupon Codes

Next, Kalix will display the Confirmation page where you can double check all of your subscription details are correct.

On this page you can also enter any coupon or referral code you might have.

When you are ready click Confirm. 

5) Entering Your Card Details

The final step is to enter your credit card details into our PCI-DSS compliant payment gateway. 

An example of a blank and a completed card input screen is shown below. 

We require you to enter your card number, card expiry date, CVC and zip code (or postcode). 

Once you have entered the card details, select Subscribe. 

Note: Transactions may take 48 hours to process.

Trial Period

When subscribing for the first time, we will only charge your credit card at the end of your trial period. e.g. you subscribe with 28 days remaining on your trial account, we will not charge your credit card until 28 days later. You can view your next payment date in the top of the Subscription Page (as shown below).

Note: Your trial account will still be updated to a full account immediately after subscribing.


When a payment is processed (subscription, dedicated number, or messaging credit), we will send a tax receipt to your email address. You can retain this email for taxation purposes.

Changing Your Subscription Details

If you wish to change your Kalix subscription e.g. move from monthly to annual subscription, increase your number of appointment hours, change from standard to virtual practice package, you can do this at any time.

1) On the top of the Subscription screen, click Modify Subscription.

2. The Subscription Detail page will will appear. Edit your details as described in the New Subscription section of this document. 


Update your Billing Details Only

To update your Billing Details only, follow the instructions below:

  1. On the Subscription screen, select Modify Card (next the Billing Card) as shown below.

  2. The card input screen will appear, enter your details and click Subscribe.


Canceling Your Account

You can cancel your Kalix account at anytime and we won't charge you again. To do this follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on settings on top Kalix header (it will have your practice's name)

  2. Then click on  Subscription

  3. At the bottom General section, click on the orange button (as shown below) Done!


Viewing Previous Payments and Tax Receipts

You can view a list of your previous payments and download all invoices (subscription, messaging credit and dedicated numbers) from the Receipt section of the Subscription screen.

  • To view payments made between a specified period of time, click on the Filter field as shown below and select the period you would like to see.

  • You are able to view payments made between a specified date range by choosing custom. Select the starting date in the first field and the end date in the second field.    


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a free one-month trial?

Create your Kalix account by clicking here. Registering only takes a few seconds. No credit card is required. Just enter your email address, name, and password.

You may also sign up via your Google or Facebook account (just click on the applicable button). Now, you’re all set to use Kalix!

When your free one-month trial is ending, choose your plan and add your billing details to continue your subscription.

Can I import my data into Kalix?

Yes, just contact us and we are happy to import your data for no extra charge.

Do meetings, events and non-client related appointments count towards my appointment total?

Definitely not. We only consider client appointments. You can schedule an unlimited number of non-client related appointments.

Can part-time users share Kalix accounts?

Yes, as part of your Kalix subscription we offer unlimited users, unlimited locations, and unlimited data storage.

Can I get a refund on my subscription?

No, Kalix subscriptions are non-refundable and non-transferable. It is up to you to evaluate the fit of the product during the trial period.

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