Kalix RepuGen Integration

Kalix-RepuGen integration provides a HIPAA-compliant solution for broadcast messaging, acquiring & sharing client positive reviews & more.

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RepuGen is a HIPAA-compliant solution for broadcast messaging (email & SMS), acquiring & sharing positive post-appointment reviews, client satisfaction analysis & healthcare listings management.

The features of the Kalix-RepuGen integration include:

  1. Automatic syncing with your attended appointments in Kalix

  2. Mass emailing & mass text messaging campaigns

  3. Automated birthday and holiday e-cards

  4. Support for multiple languages, including Spanish

  5. Automated feedback collection

  6. Client satisfaction surveys

  7. Online reputation management

  8. Negative review protection

  9. Detailed reporting and analytics & so much more

RepuGen is an add-on service for any Kalix subscription and is paid for through Kalix. This way, we can offer RepuGen at a highly discounted rate compared to purchasing a stand-alone RepuGen subscription. Learn more

To watch a recording of the live Kalix - RepuGen webinar, which provides a deep dive into RepuGen's features, please see below.

If you would like to schedule a live demo or onboarding session for RepuGen, click on the button below:

How to Integrate RepuGen with Kalix?

1) In Kalix, navigate to the panel at the top and hover over Settings [Your Practice Name] -> Account Settings->Integrations.


2) Here scroll down to the RepuGen section and click the Subscribe button.

3) From the Subscribe to RepuGen popup, select the subscription package from the Package dropdown.

Below is a list of the features included in each package.

4) Select All Locations in the Group dropdown if you want testimonials to be collected for appointments scheduled at all of your practice's locations (virtual, physical, and home/workplace visits).

Location Groups

Alternatively, if you would like to include only specific locations or have different locations analyzed by RepuGen separately, you can set up and select location groups.

Location groups are collections of similar practice locations, such as those within the same state or city, that are grouped together for ease of use.

For instructions about setting up location groups, please click on the button below:

5) In the Linked Clinicians field, keep the selection as No Individual Clinician Reviews.

This means you are collecting reviews for your practice or organization as a whole, and it is the most affordable option.

Please Read Carefully

Please note that you have the option to collect reviews for individual healthcare providers rather than for your practice as a whole. To do this, simply select the clinician/s you wish to collect reviews for in the location group selected in the previous field.

The Kalix-RepuGen integration allows you to set up multiple groupings of location groups and clinicians. For example, you can collect reviews at Location Group A for Provider A and for Location Group B with Providers C, D & E.

However, please keep in mind that RepuGen charges a separate subscription for each location group and each individual clinical review you collect. If you choose the default options - All Locations & No Individual Reviews - you will only need to purchase one subscription for your account.

6) To add another location group, click the +ADD button. This adds another row to select another location group and associated clinicians.

Note: The +ADD button is only clickable if a selection other than All Locations is made from the Location Group dropdown.

7) Once the required selections are made, click the Connect button.

8) As the subscription is successful, the Continue to RepuGen popup is displayed. To continue, click the Continue to RepuGen button and set up your RepuGen account or close to exit.

How are the Clients Copied into RepuGen from Kalix?

Kalix > Left Navigation Bar > New Appointment > Select Timeslot

  1. Follow the above-mentioned workflow to land on the New Appointment window.

  2. Make the required selections using the fields available.

  3. From the Client dropdown, search and select an existing client or add a new one by clicking the +New Client button.

  4. Once a client is selected, click the Scheduled dropdown and select Attended.

  5. Click the Save button. This copies the selected client in RepuGen.

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