Kalix allows you to set a status against a particular appointment: confirmed, attended canceled, rescheduled and no show. Kalix also supports the ability to set up your own appointment types and set duration. For information about how to do this, click here. For information about creating and editing appointments, please click here

Modifying the Appointment Status

The appointment status can be viewed and modified for a specific appointment, in two different locations 1) on the New/Edit Appointment page 2) On the Appointment Details (or Encounter) page. 

Viewing the New/Edit Appointment Page

  1. Click on the applicable appointment block and the Edit Appointment screen will appear.
  2. On the Edit Appointment screen, scroll down to the Clients subsection. The appointment status buttons are located here. 

Viewing the Appointment Details (or Encounter) Page

  1. To view the Appointment Details (or Encounter Details) page for a specific appointment, click on the applicable appointment block and the Edit Appointment screen will appear.
  2. Click on the View Details button at the bottom of this screen.

3. The Appointment Details page will appear. The appointment status buttons are located under the Time Tracker, shown below.

Confirming an Appointment

  1. Click on the Confirmed tick box as shown below.
  2. A confirmed appointment will change color to purple with white writing.

If a client confirms their appointment attendance via Kalix's automated reminder feature (using SMS and Text-to-Voice in Australia and Text-to-Voice for the US) the appointment status is automatically changed to confirmed for you.

Appointment Attended

  1.  Click on the green Attended button.
  2.  The appointment slot will change to a green color.  

Other Appointment Status

You can also change the appointment status to No Show/FTA, Cancelled and Rescheduled using a similar method. 

  1.  Click on the applicable button. 
  2. The appointment slot will change to the same color as the button.

Document, Letter & Billing Tracking
Kalix allows you to keep track of the completion of documents, letters, and bills associated with particular appointments.

Note: this is a manual process only.

  1. Click on the associated appointment slot. 
  2. On the Edit Appointment screen, select the applicable check box as shown above.
  3. Click Save. 

Icons are displayed on the particular appointment slot. 

Hide a Rescheduled or Canceled Appointment

If you wish to hide a rescheduled or canceled (make the appointment slot no longer visible on the appointment calendar), please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the appointment slot you wish to hide.
  2. Change the appointment status to Rescheduled or Cancelled.
  3. Just above the Save button (as shown below), select the checkbox Hide From Calendar
  4. Click Save.

Client Cover Page

The appointment status can also be viewed on the particular client's Cover Page, under the subsection of Appointments.

To view the Appointment's Appointment Details page, click on the specific appointment's row.

To view the appointment on the appointment calendar, click on the calendar icon as shown below. The Edit Appointment screen will appear.

Unhide a Previously Hidden Appointment

If you wish to unhide a previously hidden appointment, open the client's Cover Page, and under the Appointments subsection, click on the appointment's row, to view its Edit Appointment page. Next un-select the checkbox Hide From Calendar. Click Save. 

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