To edit a custom term, you will need to open the custom term you wish to edit. You have two options to do this:

Via Your Template

  1. Open your doc template containing the custom term you wish to edit.
  2. Select the term you wish to edit by clicking on it.
  3. Click on the edit (pencil) icon. 
  4. The custom term will open up in a pop up window.

Via the Docs Tab

  1. Click on Docs on the top header and select the sub tab Custom Terms. 
  2. Click on the category field to open the drop-down box. Click to select the category your custom term belongs to.
  3. Now click on the term in the list to edit.

Editing a Custom Term

A custom term can be edited a number of different ways. Below we will summarize some of the most common.

Term Output

Use the term output to format the appearance and structure of a custom term. Kalix allows you to choose the location of field/s within the custom term, as well as add field labels and style the way the custom term looks.

The term output contains two different elements 1) merge fields 2) free text. 

1) Mail merge field/s: appear as a double bracketed numbers e.g. [[-1]]. Each mail merge field corresponds to a specific data field (area where information can be entered). A mail merge field's position within the term output, equates to the location in which it's corresponding field will appear in the custom term, after it is added to a document or template. 

2) Free text: Kalix allows you to add unlimited free text to the term output. Free text can be used to insert field labels and other required text e.g. instructions.

Below is an example of a custom term as it appears in the custom term screen

This is the same custom term after it was added to a doc template 


The term output text can be styled and formatted using the the text editor. a number The editing options include:

  • Add bold, italics, strikethrough and underlining
  • Insert Hyperlinks to add links to website pages
  • Create lists using bullets and numbering
  • Draw tables
  • Edit paragraphs to make them left, right and center aligned
  • Add images e.g. your practice logo, click here for details.


The fields are the areas in which information can be entered or answers selected. You can add or remove an unlimited number of fields from each custom term.

As explained above, each field is associated with a merge field within the term output. Merge fields indicate the location of fields within the custom term. 

Editing a Field

1) Click into the Term Output section to it's format appearance or to add a field label. 

2) You can also modify the field type in Fields selection below.

Kalix supports several different field types: 

  • Text - free text entry
  • Number- supports the entry of numbers only
  • Date - adds a calendar date picker
  • Time - supports entering a time of day e.g. 6:00 pm
  • Checkbox - adds a checkbox or tickbox
  • Single select - supports the creation of a single select drop down box (allows the selection of one option only)
  • Multi-select - supports the creation of a multiple option select term

3) There are also a few other ways a field can be customized. 

Description: the description or instructions for term use. The description can be used to enter instructions about how the term should be filled out.

Once the custom term has been added to a document or template, the description appears as a pop up above the specific field.

Unit: within this field, you can enter the units of measurement for the term (if applicable) e.g. kg/m2, meters. 

Adding a New Field

Kalix allows you to add a limited number of fields per custom term. To add a new field to your custom term follow the steps below:

1) Within the term output, place your cursor in the location you wish the field to be added.

2) Select the New Field button 

3) A merge field will be added to the term output and a field with the corresponding number added to your Fields list.

4) Click on your new field to edit (as described above).

Note: if you select the field type - single select or multiple sections, an addition option will appear - Enter options (one per line). Within this box, enter each the drop down box option you wish to support, on a new line (as shown above).

5) When you are happy with your custom term click save.

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